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PeTA: Why I Despise Them

© 2009 Albert A Rasch
PeTA: Animal Rights Activists and Child Molesters
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Babygirl is here for the summer, finally. I pretty much look forward to it from the moment she leaves at the end of summer.

This year it has been a little different though. She's going to turn twelve, and Dad doesn't understand little girls much. Oh she's still a big help, handing me tools and helping me sharpen knives, but this little fellow named Peter calls, and there's a lot of giggling and such. Why do little girls giggle so much anyway? Oh, and she wants to be a Vegan.

A few of nights ago we are all getting ready for bedtime. Mom and I sent Bubby and Babygirl off to change into their PJs and brush their teeth. Why does a simple operation like that take so long? When my sweetie pie comes out, there was something in the body language that made me alert. Fuzzy slippers, monkey pajama pants, t-shirt with an animal or two... wait a minute, what's that writing?

Hunting is not a sport.
In a sport both sides should know they are in the game.

It was late and I was tired. At least I didn't make her cry. But I forbade the wearing of that shirt in my home.

Oh, I got an earful about twenty minutes later. By the time the Mrs was done with me, I wished I had been skinned and burned at the stake. Little did I know how prescient I was.

The next morning I attempted to assuage Babygirl. I can be pretty gruff especially when it has something to do with foolish Vegan and animal rights activism; and for a sensitive little girl, I must look and sound positively ogre like, and not in the funny way. Anyway, the next morning I sat down with her at the dining room table and explained to her that I was a little surprised to see her wearing that shirt. After all, she knows I hunt and her grandpa did too. I was in the middle of all this when I look at the cute monkey on her t shirt, and realize that I'm looking at an advertisement for PeTA! What was on the shirt is irrelevant, the point is that now I was dealing with a wardrobe of animal rights activism! She even has Vegan tennis shoes.

When I asked her where on this green earth she got the shirts, she says, "My friend got them for me."

"What friend?" I asked, eyebrow threatening to become part of my hair-do.

"My school friend A___." She answered.

Well I asked her what she knew and what she thought about what her "friend" was telling her. I proceeded to dismantle her assertions and the disinformation she had been fed. I have some small experience with indoctrination techniques. From her answers I could tell that she was being brainwashed and indoctrinated by this "friend." I felt that we made some progress and opened the door to further discussion.

Fast forward to last night. We went to the local Mexican restaurant. They make the best steak burritos, and their guacamole kicks! Mom, Babygirl, and I ordered those steak burritos with refried beans, yellow rice, and a dollop of sour cream. Man, they were good. I winked at the Mrs. as my Babygirl dug right into that steak like the good carnivore she is.

About midway through the meal, Babygirl asked me why trappers needed to skin animals alive.

"What?!" I exclaimed. "There's no way a trapper would skin an animal alive. That animal would tear him apart! And anyway, the way traps are set up, they either kill the animal instantly, or quick enough that it isn't unjustly cruel."

"But Dad," she started, "they do, I..."

"Babygirl, don't be silly!" I cut her off. "No trapper would do such a thing. Who told you this? What lies is your friend telling you?" I didn't notice the tears welling up in her eyes.

A swift painful kick caught me right in the shin. Startled I looked at the Mrs who was sitting across from me. Its a wonder she hasn't broken my leg yet. She made signs to me to hug my Babygirl. That's when I noticed the tears streaming down her face.

I'm a lot of things.

Stubborn, boneheaded, smart, an idiot, and a whole bunch of other things, some good, some not so good, and a few unmentionables that I wish I wasn't.

But there is one thing that I am, and that is an implacable foe. When I get it in for you, you had better hope an armored division is between you and me. That is the only thing that might even the odds between us. I will hunt you down and I will destroy everything you throw in my path.

Someone has hurt my Babygirl, and I won't stop going after them until they are destroyed.

I held her for a long while, my food forgotten and cold on the plate. When she settled down, I got to the bottom of the issue. She had been shown a video of animals being skinned alive, the skinners laughing, and having a good time. I was aghast, not at the apparent cruelty to animals, but at the malicious and criminal act of exposing a child to such depravity.

The Mrs and I tried, as best we could to explain to her that these were acts done by mentally deficient people, and an aberration. I promised her that I would get to the bottom of this and see what I could do.

After we had come home and I was sure that all dreams were going to be sweet ones, I did my research. What I found shocked me. Videos of animals being skinned alive. Babygirl wasn't lying.

Let me warn you. Do not look for them, the images will turn your stomach.

You do not need to. It is enough for you my friends, to take my word on this. I'm not particularly surprised to to see people act in an inhumane way. But this transcends the "normal" psychotic behavior we are accustomed to see. These images come from Chinese fur farms, a place not known for any sentimentality. The skinners bludgeon the furbearers in an attempt to kill them outright, but more often than not, they only stun the creature. Many times it isn't enough to keep the animal from writhing in agony and gnashing its teeth as its skin is torn from its body.

By the way, next time somebody wants to piss and moan about hi-fence hunting I might blow a gasket. Let's concentrate on important things.

But I am not here to discuss the relative moral implications of buying fur trimmed coats. What I am though, is asking what the Hell is PeTA thinking when it exposes young children to animal cruelty? What is the difference between mental and physical abuse and harm? It must be a pretty desperate gambit when you have to stoop to hurting children to get your twisted message across. As far as I am concerned, PeTA is nothing more than a hotbed of child molesting filth that needs to be stamped out and erased.

I'll be looking for PeTA from now on. If they attempt to infiltrate a school, I'll be there. When their "Young Adult" division PeTA2 comes around with their campaign of disinformation, I'll be there with the truth. And Babygirl's friend, when I am done with her and her parents... I will let you know how it ends up for them.

More importantly I will continue to educate every child I come in contact with about the wonders of Nature and the responsibilities we have towards it. We are the conservationists and preservationists. We are the guardians of everything of value and the only ones that appreciate it in all its magnificence.

My friends, protect your children. You never know where your enemies are, and what their agenda is. Arm them with the ability to think for themselves, teach them to be critical thinkers. It takes time, time you may think you don't have, but when you see tears and anguish on your child's face you will wish you had taken the time and done the right thing by them.

Albert A Rasch
Member: Hunting Sportsmen of the United States HSUS (Let 'em sue me.)

The Hunt Continues...
And boy am I pissed...

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native said...

amen, Amen and AMEN!!
Now you are really getting the true picture Albert about why I so vehemently oppose extreme animal activism.

If I even get the slightest whiff of the stench which they leave behind, I will track them down and expose them for what they truly are.

Mentally, deranged and they need to be purged from a balanced society!!

I can only hope that I show the same restraint as you when I eventually have to deal with the same.

me said...

Great post Albert.
Unsettling and touching.

On a lighter note, I once shot with a guy from Eagle River, Alaska. He always wore a t-shirt that said PETA on the front. (People turned their noses up.)
On the back it said, "People for the Eating of Tasty Animals."

Great post.

Othmar Vohringer said...

I am glad you see the ugly face behind the cuddly mask of animal rights. I have been saying for years what the animal rights movement is all about and what tactics they use to infiltrate the minds of impressionable people. It's very much the same tactics the Nazi's used to make Jews the "undermensch".

I hate animal rights and like you fight them wherever and whenever I come across them.


tom said...

I'd just finished cleaning my .30-06 when the doorbell rang. Setting things aside, I got up and opened the door. Found a young lady standing there.

"Mr. Simoneaux?"


"I'm your neighbor from a few doors down. Our boys are friends with your son and he's asked if they could come play at your house."

"No problem there. Jason's our youngest and we've been through having kids over with our older two. Got the place almost to where we can hose it down after an afternoon of whatever the kids get up to."

"Well, that's good Mr. Simoneaux, but, you see, I'm a concerned parent..."

"Aren't we all. I was mostly concerned with staying sane while my two oldest went through their teens. Still not sure I made it and I still have Jason to go."

"Well there is that worry but, just now, I'm more concerned about guns."

"Good one to be concerned about."

"So, you're concerned about guns in the home too?"

"Absolutely. I've just about run out of space in the gun cabinet what with the rifles and shotguns we have for when we all go hunting together."

"No, what I mean is I'm concerned about guns in the home and I don't want my kids in danger."

"I'm with you there. You wouldn't believe how tough my wife and I are on that subject. Locks on the gun cabinet door. Safety chain running through the trigger guards to lock them into the cabinet. Ammunition locked in a small cabinet in the garage. My wife's Italian, you know. I'd be sleeping with the fishes if I weren't careful."

tom said...

"So you keep guns in your house?"

"Yep. How do you store yours?"

"We don't have guns and that's why I wanted to talk with you."

"You want me to recommend a safety course? Be glad to and, I might say, you're doing the right thing. Getting the kids through a course beforehand is the only way to go. Sure wish more people thought like you."

"That's not it at all. I'm worried about where my boys play. And, with guns in a house, there could be..."

"An accident? Ma'am, I worry about that too. That's why all three of ours have been through safety and hunting courses and have shot until they've reached the point of not wanting to unless we're going hunting.
Then there's that wife of mine. She's laid down the law about ever touching a gun in this house unless one of us is around. Then there's all of those locks..."

"You're still not getting my point. I don't want my boys anywhere near danger."

"Me neither. Say, you don't leave loaded buckets around your house, do you?

"Loaded buckets?"

"Yeah, buckets full of water. Like when you're mopping and go off to do something else. I read about toddlers falling into them and drowning. When ours were younger, we were really careful about that. Wouldn't let
them play in any house where people left loaded buckets around unattended. You wouldn't believe the statistics on those things. But I can tell you'd never leave one out and Jason's pretty big. I'd have no worry whatsoever about him playing in your house."

"Mr. Simoneaux, you're still not getting my point about guns. I saw the sticker on your truck that says you're an NRA member."

"Is that what this is about? You want to join? Don't worry about not owning a gun. They have all sorts of safety courses that you and your kids can take beforehand. I think I even have some applications somewhere."

"That's not it. You have guns in the house and I don't want my kids..."

"To feel embarrassed? Ma'am, I've lectured my kids over and over on the Golden Rule. Believe me, if they ever tease someone who hasn't had all of the chances they've had to learn firearms safety, I'll take a switch to 'em."

"You're missing the point. I'm scared of guns and..."

"Scared of guns? Have you looked into professional help? Those shrinks can do amazing things nowadays for people who're scared of inanimate objects."


"Larry, who's that screaming?"

"It's our neighbor. She was asking about gun safety and just ran away."

"Is that gun cleaner I smell downstairs?"


"Are you cleaning that rifle on my new dining room table?"

"Don't worry. I put a lot of newspaper down and, besides, I left your tablecloth there in case I spilled anything and it got past the paper.


Good grief. Two screams in one day. Was it something I said?

David Petersen said...

PETA = People for the Eating of Tasty Animals. That is an interesting shirt. Where did you get it?

jes said...

Now why is it, Albert, that you haven't taken that little girl on a hunt or least frog gigging, or fishing. Afraid you're getting payback, buddy..and let it be a lesson to you. We're responsible for the future, and if hunting isn't a part of it, then it's our own fault. Do it while you still can, before the boys in her life become her life. Good luck, buddy, you're going to need it if her mother lets her wear those PETA shirts...

Stephen Olner said...

lol at TOM. I am an English man and we dont do guns. I married a yank who shoots an M16 and a 50 cal for the military. I am learning to hunt both traditionally and not so traditionally. I can’t stand Peta for the reasons stated above but more so for the politically correct statements like, swatting a fly is wrong. Yes animal cruelty is wrong but it’s funny how Peta never go to the countries it is prevalent like china. I'm waiting for the day we ban antibiotics because the bacteria has a right to live.

Wild Ed said...

What is really sad is that we have allowed public schools to teach some of this stuff to our kids. My grandkids tell me stuff all the time that blows my mind. I have not heard of anything pro-hunting being taught in schools. Hunting organizations need to get involved in this and maybe even bring suits against school boards if any of this anti-hunting propaganda is being taught in a local school.

Albert A Rasch said...


She is with us during the summer months. We have our hands full undoing all sorts of nonsense when she gets here, from eyeliner, to shorts that a way too short!

But more to the point, she is quite the accomplished fisherman, she has her own 6.5 foot All-Star spinning rod and Penn 4500 with fresh Ande 10# on it. Last year she caught a half dozen ladyfish, much to her delight! Not much luck on those bull redfish yet though...

By the end of this summer she'll be squared away again, she is smart and able to think when given all the information.


Albert A Rasch said...


You are too funny! Funny how women react when confronted by impeccable logic. I've never understood their reaction...


Paul Steeve said...

I think you've definitely got your work cut out for you on this one. The downfall of the whole situation is that what she says about animals being skinned alive is, in fact, a truth. It isn't the first case that has ever happened, and more than likely won't be the last. If it were me, I'd definitely explain the difference between supporting animal rights and stopping animal cruelty. Supporting animal rights is an abstract thought that escalades to nowhere. It is not a logical answer for the modern day world. Stopping animal cruelty, on the otherhand, can make sense as long as "cruelty" is well defined.

Albert A Rasch said...


Exactly correct. I was aghast at what I saw. Now my job is to work with her so she can fight against cruelty, yet understand that rights are an abstract principle applicable only to people.


SimplyOutdoors said...

Ahh, the lovely PETA at it again. It is a shame that if we went about pushing all of our thoughts about guns onto another people like this we would be abolished by society, but these animal rights yahoos can infiltrate our kid's minds with this filth and everyone looks the other way; and the sad part is is that the kids buy it.

I'm glad to know that you took the time with her to explain what it's really all about; and more importantly took the time to present her the facts so that she can make up her own mind about this particular issue - not based on agenda and lies, but from stone cold facts and reason.

A critical thinker is hard to find these days, and to get someone to stop, realize something doesn't make sense, and start asking questions about it - rather than take it as truth - is hard to come by.

Keep at it, Albert. Never give up. And whatever you do don't let those PETA lunatics get anywhere near your daughter again; or anywhere near your hometown for that matter.

Borepatch said...

Albert, maybe you could ask her if she thinks that YOU would skin an animal alive? Might make her stop and think. Once she's thinking for herself (not necessarily agreeing with you, but not locked in by indoctrination), that's when a conversation can start.

Good luck. Teenagers are an interesting age.

Doug said...


I don't know if I should say this out loud, but I actually spend a couple of classes every year discussing with my class the evils of PeTA. You see we live here just south of their lair and you see and hear them everywhere. So we look at their web site and discuss propaganda, and how little sense their arguments really make.

I teach them about the thousands of animals that PeTA kills every year in the name of, um.. in the name of... Crap, this is where I get confused.

Unfortunately, too many parents don't teach their kids about this stuff - then PeTA fills the vacuum left behind. Good luck.

Steve said...

Are you going to speak to her school about it?

Showing 12 year olds a video like is just plain wrong. A video like that should be "R" rated.

Albert A Rasch said...


I'm still in the investigatory phase of the operation. Apparently her friend is a big PeTA junior player that has organized an animal rights "club" at school. That is all I know right now, gathering information is somewhat delicate and requires a deft touch. As the intelligence grows I'll be able to make operational plans.

Thank you all for your concern; it's much appreciated.


Michael Spinelli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael Spinelli said...


It is unbelievable that an organization that thinks itself sitting on a high moral ground, would do such a thing. Where do they get off doing that kind of psycological damage to a child. I'm with you on the child molestor charges!

Mike S

Jack said...

Albert A Rasch is a KNOWN PEDOPHILE!!!! How dare you speak about child abuse after what you did to my son you sick FREAK! You should be hunted and skinned alive for what you do to kids!

Please DO NOT LET ALBERT RASCH NEAR YOUR CHILDREN! He is a sick pervert and soon the cops are going to arrest this SCUMBAG!!!!

Anonymous said...

so let me get this straight. i guess if you are a creepy guy who shoots defenseless animals like some lame ass wimp, yep... you should be afraid of PETA. A PETA member might just hand you a veg starter kit but doubtful you'd have the higher brain functioning required to understand the ethics and superior nutrition of a vegan diet. enjoy your eventual heart attack.

Albert A Rasch said...


Jack and anonymous, who is the coward? Do either of you have the nerve or gumption to go toe to toe with me? I'm almost 50, in pretty good shape, and if you notice I never take advantage of anyone's hospitality even when I go to other sites I don’t agree with.

But I guarantee you that I could whip both your butts assuming you are men and not women. If you’re women I’m kind of shocked that you would act like this, it’s not seemly; I would expect civil discourse and reasoned discussion.

You guys on the other hand, lurk around anonymously and say some pretty nasty stuff. (Well Jack does anyway...)

Anonymous, the difference between you and I is that I acknowledge the effort put into, and the moral compass that, a Vegan follows. I have no beef against a Vegan. I, on the other hand, am not going to be forced into vegetarianism because you think it’s better for me. But again, I don’t care if you do it.

You on the other hand think that you have the moral right to dictate how I live my life. Remember, there is only one real Right, and that is the right to live your life without fear of force being used against you. You and I have the right to live free of coercion. Every other right is just window dressing on that basic right. I’m not twisting your arm to be omnivorous, I don’t expect you to coerce me into being a Vegan.

You also refuse to acknowledge that there is more to hunting than killing. You refuse to observe and experience the hard work and perseverance that goes into hunting. I don’t deny that I enjoy hunting. I don’t deny that there is satisfaction in a clean kill. But let me be clear, there is little joy in the actual death of an animal. As many hunters will attest, there is frequently a moment of regret or sadness, but that is tempered by the basic satisfaction that the hunter feels knowing that he can provide and secure sustenance.

When PeTA purposely goes out of its way to hurt one of my children, understand that I am going to respond. It won’t be pretty. When I go after someone or something, my gloves come off. Wouldn’t you do the same for your children? Or do you think the means justify the ends? If you do, you have to make sure that someone doesn’t shove the means so far up you rear, that you’ll need an ear, nose and throat specialist to fix you!

And by the way, my pulse rate is below the norm, cholesterols below average, blood work comes in great, and I can bicycle mile after mile no fuss no muss. But should I have a heart attack, I pay for my own insurance, and ask nothing of any other person. But perhaps your higher brain functions thinks that self sufficiency is an outmoded and outdated concept.

Now if you want to have a reasonable discussion, you can be as passionate as you want, but refrain from spurious lies and foolish comments.


Albert A Rasch said...

Oh, and another thing,

I'm stealthy not creepy.

I don't shoot defenseless animals, it's not like they are lobotomized and void of any instinct or natural defense systems.

And as to being a lame ass wimp, maybe you would like to email me with a reasonable time and place that's convenient to both of us. I'm sure that someone with your verbal skills of reposte can back that up.

Looking forward to your response.

jes said...

Albert, can't you take this "Jack" to account for his libel? I imagine you have his email account and that can be traced as long as he's in this country....So many hide behind the covers of anonymity....Pathetic.
Send him up to my country, I'll find some company for him in the swamps and quicksand bogs where people dissapear like morning fog.....Gators love 'em, but do they love the gators?

Anonymous said...

...Why would you take away your daughter's right to free thinking?

And hunting when you can go to the store for meat...?

I am a member of PeTA, I also have a daughter who I am raising veg, and she is a great child with a wonderful disposistion. Not eating meat is the best way to go.

Real men like me do not harm animals.

Albert A Rasch said...


Real men don't hide behind anonymous.
Real men master their fears.
Real men protect their families from any threat.
Real men serve in the military, risk their lives, and protect everyone, even the ones they don't like.
Real men give their children every opportunity to live safe and free from fear.
Real men do not allow others to dictate to them.
Real men protect the right of others to live without coercion.

Do you meet any of those qualifications?

I'm waiting.

Albert A Rasch
US Army Retired
Proud father of three, one also in the US Army

native said...

A REAL MAN also, would have gone after and throttled with his bare hands, any person whom has molested their child, don't ya' think?

This "anonymous" (Jack) fellow is a spineless piece of excrement for allowing you to live (if he really believes what he wrote about you).

So, as I have stated about another certain "Duck Footed" individual in the past on your comment sections:-).
These extremist individuals lurk anonymously in the shadows, only to slither about occasionally (because the light of truth hurts their eyes too much) and then they take foul language jabs at us.

People like Jack and Anonymous just need to crawl back into those shadows and underneath the slime covered rock of which and where they reside.

Hubert Hubert said...

A very fine post Albert. Your response to criticism (though this is far too dignified a term for witless trolling and criminal libel) is also splendid.

Albert A Rasch said...


I missed your comment. The short answer is no. I suppose there might be ways of tracking that back to the IP, but with laptops, WiFi, and anonymous e-mail accounts, it wouldn't be worth the effort.

I leave the comment up to show the desperate mentality of the poor, pathetic, and misguided animal rights activists. Anyone that wants a piece of me can find me easy enough, as a matter of fact, they can email me and ask for an ass whipping. That's pretty much is what they would be asking for. They have every opportunity to discuss the issue here if they so choose. As a matter of fact I have invited an AR activist to do a guest post here. I happen to like him as a person, he is intelligent, respectful, and believes in what he says. Anyone that has those traits is welcome here, even if we disagree on some issues.

As for the trolls (Just learned the context of troll from that fellow!) they can do their thing and I'll lambaste them like all the rest.


mel said...


I want to say that your comments are well thought out and diplomatic. You handled the PETA comments quite well.

Also, I like the fact you respect people's opinions enough that you will keep their opinions on your blog. I know for a fact that PETA does not if it does not cater to their whims. Most comments I make that say that is similar to PETA based on their beliefs, that say that they are advocating their people to commit misdemeanors (long story), or counter that a vegan diet does not mean you'll always be thin, it's not posted up.

One of my favorites is calling them out on supporting Controlled Atmosphere Kiling of Chickens as "humane" yet are touting a vegan diet. Two things wrong with this - a. Anoxia/hypoxia is NOT painless (at least until you pass out) and b. they are advocating the killing of chickens when they support this, which is contrary to their claims.

The other favorite is saying Somatic cells are pus and we have pus in milk. Thing is, the definition of Somatic cells is all body cells save the reproductive two. Therefore, we are all pus (OK, that's a new one).

I too have received "information" about programs and such to try and counter my beliefs, but the links they use do not IMHO validate their arguments because they're usually not neutral.

While I do not hunt, I do respect hunters' rights to go out hunting. The only thing I do deplore are those hunters who kill just for the head and antlers. That's a waste of an animal, especially when there are businesses that will process deer meat and even buy it from the hunter. I am the same way with any animal that the meat is not used for food, such as fox, mink, ermine, etc.

Definitely keep an eye out on the PETA activists because while they have done the occasional good thing on true cruelty to animals, they don't need to be indoctrinating young and impressionable people with misinformation. While I'll admit I'm not perfect (I did mix up viruses and bacteria) I see it too many times with this group.

Albert A Rasch said...


Thanks again for adding to the conversation!

Matt said...

All I can add to that is that it was entertaining. Keep up the good work Albert!

Unknown said...


PETA does NOT advocate the killing of chickens; they simply would like for those chickens who have to die to satisfy heartless meat-eaters like you to have as humane a death as possible. Get your facts straight before posting a bunch of crap.

Oh, and another thing - I am SICK AND TIRED of reading all these stupid comments about how PETA is "brainwashing" and "misinforming" people. It's not like they've stuck a gun to someone's head and "made" them watch their videos. (Oh, I forgot - the gun thing would be y'all's thing, anyway.) In addition, it's not like they pull claims out of their butts - they invest a lot of time and energy into conducting investigations into animal cruelty, so their "claims" are backed by hard facts and real-life video footage.

The problem with ignorant haters like the ones who've posted on here is that you all act so high-and-mighty, that you turn into that which you rail against, in the first place. You b*tch and whine about animal activists and how "extreme" some of them are, but what you really need to do is take a long, hard look in the mirror first.

And let me just add that I have no problem with other people's opinions - just make sure that they're based on fact, not your own misguided way of thinking.

~Mary-Elise (and yes, that is my real name - I'm not afraid to express myself and therefore, I don't need to hide behind some "anonymous" or made-up label)

Mel said...


I'm sorry, but I must disagree with you. PETA's stance is that we should eat a vegetarian diet. That means no animal products, honey, fish, etc. Further, they condemn the killing of chickens or any other animal for meet.

Controlled atmosphere killing is - no matter how you slice it or dice it or try to tout it, is still MURDER according to PETA's members and standards. Therefore, advocating the killing of chickens through controlled atmosphere killing, is contrary to your viewpoints, or more succinctly, hypocritical. You are counter-productive in your protests - period.

And, I'm not spewing "crap" (pardon me Albert), even a 3-year-old would be able to notice the glaring contradictions in views your group is touting with this particular advocacy.

Yes, people can verify you're misinformed too. I have read that you claim milk is pus due to "Somatic Cells," however, according to, "The word “somatic” is derived from the Greek word soma, meaning “body”. Hence, all body cells of an organism – apart from the sperm and egg cells, the cells from which they arise (gametocytes) and undifferentiated stem cells – are somatic cells."

Or in layman's terms, going by PETA's definition, we are all made out of pus save our sperm and eggs.

"High and mighty... long hard look in the mirror first"? - My dear, read your own post. PETA's blog does just that - they refuse to post up any conflicting information, such as the post above about somatic cells (which you can research online for yourself), if it doesn't fit your views.

Well, I take that back. They'll post up stuff to make omnivores look like morons to fit the supposed fact that "vegans have a higher IQ." That's just as incorrect as saying vegans will live longer than omnivores (note, omnivores eat both plant and animals - true carnivores only eat meat). You can be vegan and die at 30 or be an omnivore and live to be 100. Too many factors come into play to claim that vegans will in fact live longer.

You need to take a long, hard look in the mirror yourself when you see the protests you do. Examples of extreme is:

* Parading around half nude during the running of the bulls (public indecency is a misdemeanor most states). This goes double with the running of the nudes.

* Condoning defacing a license plate's motto because it has "America's Dairy Land" (a misdemeanor - I got a warning myself for the edge of my home state's motto being "obscured" - you could still clearly read it).

BTW, if by chance Wisconsin does allow "America's Cow Hell" to be added, be ready to pay extra for a vanity plate - they do that with all non-standard plates, no bias toward any.

* Calling people murderers and comparing us to Hitler/Nazis because we eat meat.

* Demanding that not only Vick get a mental exam before he goes back to the NFL, condemning him anyway that he'll never change when you simply do not know. And not only that, you only bash him when there were many perpetrators in the crime.

* creating comics that have scary photos of dads carving up fish or moms tearing off pelts from animals for fur to CHILDREN. I have in fact seen the original comic and yes - it is scary (even from an adults' standards) and why I can understand Albert here being peeved at your group.

* Flygate - PETA's site clearly said that PETA was not going to comment on it, BUT the media asked you so you speak out and then go on about sending him a "humane fly catcher." Not only are flies more harmful than good insects, that whole instance had some PETA members seriously question if they wanted to remain a member of the group - they found it to be THAT asinine.

Mel said...

Additionally, I don't hate everything you guys do - far from it. As I posted above in an earlier post, I deplore anyone who kills an animal just for their furs or musk glands or the head/antlers. That's a waste of an animal - if you're going hunt, eat what you can of it or sell it to a meat processor.

I also am not fond of the bullfighting because it is drawn out and frankly dangerous for everyone involved - and even spectators.

And, frankly, I'm not heartless. I've always been someone who has had respect for animals from cradle to grave. The extreme cruelty cases, such as the turkey one PETA recently mentioned, irks me too.

That said, they're a rare instance - most places I know follow the true protocol for slaughtering an animal. PETA, however, will never concede that not all slaughterhouses are like the few they do catch doing a true crime.

And, I know where my food comes from and am always thankful for its sacrifice. The same holds true for those animals that many of our vaccines were tested on - they've helped people - including you and I (unless you didn't get a polio, flu - made from eggs - or other vaccinations) which means they served a much greater purpose than any of us can ever thank them for.

One can respect animals and still be an omnivore. That's what I see when I read Albert's blog here - if he didn't, he wouldn't be so mad at you using your tactics (i.e. the comic) on his daughter

Albert A Rasch said...

Dang it!

Where was for this one! Oh yeah, hunting down cyber-terrorists!

Point of fact. Bull fighting is a one on one affair. The running of the bulls has as much to do with bull fighting as as the Rose Bowl has to do with a quarterbacks ability.


Thanks for stopping by, and by golly thanks for at least a name to link to! If you notice, your are the only one with a bit of gumption on your side so far. You'll notice that all your buddies are either anonymous and spouting out shameful lies, using pseudonyms and being libelous, or posting elsewhere and writing spurious commentaries!

So forgive me if you think I'm a little rough with you and your friends.

Now I don't and neither does anyone else here disagree with your stand on animal cruelty. No one that has commented here would condone the stripping of fur off of a still living animal.

Now that we agree on that, do you think that a twelve year old when invited by friends to watch something as horrific as what I observed, is sufficiently mature to determine what the implications of what she observed are? No I didn't think you did either.

Anyway I've been very busy chasing bad people the last couple of days, and I am in no shape to really tear your arguments apart in a constructive and respectful manner.

You need to go to my friend Brendan's blog. He is an animal liberationist and has good manners and a great intellect. Screaming Chicken Activism. I think he is wrong, but he is a gentleman and a scholar.

Best Regards,

Albert A Rasch said...


I spoke too soon Mary-Elise's profile is on private, so there is no way to know what her blog is or her website. It appears that it was just a pseudonym...

Now I can't respond to her on her own blog.

It is never a two way street with them. Well that's not true Brendan is alright over at Screaming Chicken Activism.


Albert A Rasch said...

Unless of course it's Mary-Elise Turner McNaught or Mary Elise Gabbard; I could be wrong but they're both animal rights activists!

Is there nothing you can't find on the internet? Besides Dave Bell?


mel said...

I can answer that Albert - posts that are contrary to PETA's views on their site. ;)

(And, if you need to, I can verify who I am. I might not blog on this board, but I am willing to do that if you so choose).

mel said...

One other thing I want to mention - I feel that a group that uses people's deaths, this case Jackson and Meyer, to tout their views on vegetarianism (even feigning sympathy to Meyer), earns its disdain. You would NEVER see me use PETA's founder's death to tout my views.

With that in mind, Albert, I wish you the best in your efforts to give both sides of the story in order to let people choose for themselves. I respect vegans and even PETA members (in spite of my views here); however, I ask that they respect yours, mine and others'

J.R. said...

Great points. I hate the fact that PeTA spreads lies to influence children. That had a billboard that said feeding kids meat is child abuse, and tried to capitalize on the abortion doctor who was shot by encouraging both pro-life and pro-choice constituents to go vegan. If you want the links I'll try and find them for you. Also you might want to drop by, yuou can get more info on these people.

Albert A Rasch said...

Good stuff fellows,
and thanks for stopping by JR I'll be sure to check it out.


Mel said...

J.R., let's not forget to mention the lettuce lady at Michael Jackson's memorial service and more recently asking Oscar Meyer to stop driving around their wienermobile and go vegan after MEYER's death.

Trust me - their little "Sympathy" note is far from sincere: "In the wake of the death of Oscar G. Mayer, we are offering those at Kraft Foods our condolences and support during these difficult times. We understand that laying someone to rest is often a time when we try to find the silver lining to an otherwise gray cloud, and we can think of no better way to derive something positive from this death than by burying the Wienermobile along with Mr. Mayer."

Oh, let's not forget the posters who are CELEBRATING someone's death after being gored by a bull. (Trust me, I so wish I was making this up, but I'm not). I agree the running of the bulls is dumb (because even those who don't support it get hurt), but still - it is absolutely VILE to celebrate the person's death because you disagree with the practice. (frankly too - it puts PETA at the same level as the ones they despise).

Really? - touting advocacy during people's DEATHS? It's disgusting.


My recent favorite one is the lettuce ladies passing out free veggieburgers at a Consumers Energy building in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (story, Lettuce Ladies Pay Your Power Bill.)

They're also giving a coupon for $10 people's energy bill. I have serious questions as if these coupons are in fact valid or if they're bantering it about to try and get people to go vegan. They do not verify if these coupons are legit or not - they don't tout where they got them from (i.e. Consumer Energy). Not all energy plants or businesses will accept a coupon from any group that is not theirs - nor do they have to accept them even if they initially gave permission.

As I've said, I support some of their ideas, such as not killing an animal just for their fur, but when they pull things like this, they lose credibility. They think bad news is better than no news - I beg to disagree.

albertaboy said...

PETA is misguided, misinformed and hypocritical, but they have taken stupid to new levels.

"Peta tried to sue The California Milk Advisory Board in 2002 over a commercial they made showing "happy cows adds". "A lawsuit filed this week by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals challenges whether the California dairy industry's award-winning ad campaign featuring "Happy Cows" frolicking in verdant pastures is false advertising." I wonder if the brown cows who are making the choclate milk are just as happy??"

Moderator said...

Mary-Elise I'd just like say that I am sick and tired of peta brainwashing people with their misinformation, half truths, and downright lies.

Peta doesn't care about animals, peta doesn't care about people, peta only cares about power, control and money.

Bea Elliott said...

Very interesting topic... indoctrinating kids. Hummmm.... Lets see, "indoctrinating" would be denying information to promote one's own agenda. "Brainwashing" would be an effort to prevent questioning or thought. I can't think of anything that brainwashes and indoctrinates kids more than the way society (and parents) bring up children to "pet the kitty, because it's good to be kind to animals - BUT eat the chicken because it's "normal".

Have none of you ever met adults with deep regrets of how the were raised "indoctrinated" to deny that animals (food animals) matter or feel pain? Science has stood it's ground that there's absolutely no difference in the sentience between a dog, pig, cow or deer... or us. We all "feel pain". We are all aware of the world and wish to live.

Stealing an animals life is just that. Just because you can point a rifle or a captive bolt gun and pull the trigger does not mean you have a moral "right" to that life. We each only get ONE of these... and it is ours to live. Unless of course some brute who has more "might" takes it from you.

If you think this moral dissonance of being kind to some animals while eating others doesn't eventually catch up as an adult - you're sadly in denial. It's one of the most difficult conflicts to resolve as adults. This contradiction permiates our culture and it's time we grew up and faced it square in the eye - like "real men".

Point #2 - Videos. They are all over! Thousands on youtube, and millions on the web. If anyone thinks they are going to gag this information and these truths from kids - You're dreaming!

You see, kids are a lot smarter than what we think. Nothing about "loving this animal" while "killing/eating this animal" makes sense to them. As it shouldn't. Thousands of kids wanted to become vegetarian/vegan after Charlottes Web and Babe... Are you saying those movies were made by "animal rights extremists" too? Should they be banned because they might get young people thinking things the culture wishes to keep hidden... like the dirty secret that it is?

And I'll give you this much... It would be totally understandable if it were a matter of "survival". If there was no other choice in the matter... If for some reason our bodies could not live without flesh and blood foods. But such is not the case... Clearly as the fastest growing dietary choice is towards a plant based diet. It's better for you... Better for the planet... Better for sustainability - and just plain better for us on a spiritual level. But, I'm not here to convert anyone - just laying down the reasons why it's not "necessary" to kill animals. Therefore killing animals is done for "pleasure"... Kids (and adults) aren't buying this line anymore. Find your "pleasure" without harm to others... that seems to be the compassionate choice.

Finally, peta. PETA is associated with such a small, tiny little segment of the animal "welfare" issue... peta is NOT an animal "rights" organization.

I would think that everyone here... great warriors, soldiers, hunters would know the first effective rule of battle: Know your enemy.

Anonymous said...

I feel very sorry for your daughter having a father like you, that is unable to support her.

My dad was much the same, telling me that hunting was okay, to eat meat, etc.

Your daughter, hopefully one day will rebel against you like I did against my own father. I am now vegan, and I campaign with PETA and other animal rights charities.

No matter what you tell your daughter, she will grow up with her own views and opinions. You cannot decide those for her.

And well done to PETA for exposing the cruelty of the world. Just because you chose to ignore it doesn't mean it does not exist. And you say PETA are abusing children for showing them what happens in the world?

It could be argued that feeding your kids a diet of artery clogging, cholesteral and saturated fat filled animal products, that lead to heart disease, cancer and a whole host of other health problems is itself child abuse....

Albert A Rasch said...

I'll take your comments one by one.

I support,y daughter far more than you might imagine, just not on things that I find morally reprehensible. I don't approve of recreational drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking cigarettes, short skirts on children, girls playing football. There are people who don't see a problem with some or all of the above. That's their choice not mine.

I certainly hope she will rebel against me. I raise strong, independent minded children that can defend themselves physically and intellectually. I expect them to argue with passion and logic. BUT THEY HAVE TO BE RESPECTFUL AND RIGHT. If she decides that she wants to be a vegetarian, that's OK by me, it's the BS baggage that HSUS and PeTA try to add to it that is offensive to anyone with a brain.

Really, well done you say? So you have NO issue with exposing a child to any of the other heinous crimes in the world? You obviously have no children of your own or suffer from an inability to think about the consequences of your actions.

And by the way on any given day I likely do more for animal welfare, conservation, habitat restoration and protection, than you do in a year.

Fat filled animal products? In wild game? Get with the science.


Anonymous said...

I can't belive this, you say the hunt continoues, it's really sad, you don't have to kill animals, what would yo said if someone just as sick as you ( i'm sorry but i must say it) who is able to shot a gun do something to your daughter and says ouu it's ok, she didn't suffer It was really fast think about it she would fell the same as what an animal feel when it's haunted and you know it, in my opinion you don't have the right to complain when you talk about rights, humand rights or animal rights.

Albert A Rasch said...


I think I understand what you are asking or saying, but your spelling and grammar make it difficult to be sure. Please double check what you write so that people can answer you carefully and completely.

What would I say if someone shot my daughter? Nothing. There would be nothing to say. I would hunt the savages down and kill them, quickly, efficiently, and lethally.

Let me clear something up quickly. I'm guessing you are a young lady that loves animals dearly. That's OK, and I think that's fantastic. But let's say we were walking down a street minding our own business, and i didn't know you or anything. If someone was trying to hurt you, they would have to kill me first before they could get to you.

The reason that is, is because I value your life and my honor more than my own life. So what do you think of that? How many of your activist friends have that much vested in society that they are willing to fight to the death for it?

What you fail to grasp is that it is you and uninformed people like you that are the ones that have no right to criticize what you refuse to understand, or even investigate.

Remember that on any given day, we hunters do more for conservation, wildlife, and animals than almost anyone else.

Now one last thing. Polish up your writing, and see my friend Brenden at Screaming Chicken Activism. He's an activist, but the difference is that he is an intellectual, uses his brain, and thinks before he writes.

Best wishes,

Stephen Olner said...

I think the problem with all of these arguments is conservation is never brought up, How many peta dollars go to conservation i doubt if any. How many dollars come from preserving wildlife habitats ? i think its funny how we can never get an answer to this

mel said...

Bea wrote:

You see, kids are a lot smarter than what we think. Nothing about "loving this animal" while "killing/eating this animal" makes sense to them. As it shouldn't. Thousands of kids wanted to become vegetarian/vegan after Charlottes Web and Babe... Are you saying those movies were made by "animal rights extremists" too?


Bea - where's the facts honey? I watched both of them and you know what? They actually told me the reality of life and that even more importantly, to respect life birth to the grave. It didn't turn me vegetarian.

Additionally, you are adding flourishes to both shows in order to make the claim - but don't have proof.

People can love animals and yet respect their use as food. Why can't ARs get this through their thick skulls?

It sounds to me as though every time it's said that they want to find some thread to act superior to omnivores - yet, they'll hold pets as slaves by keeping them as pets and make them dependent on them for food, shelter and love.

(And don't balk here - that's exactly what you do, and in the times of Reconstruction, there is documented evidence that slaves were so loyal and dependant on their masters for things they stayed with them even after they were liberated).


Bea wrote:

Should they be banned because they might get young people thinking things the culture wishes to keep hidden... like the dirty secret that it is?


No - as I said they teach these children the reality of things: That animals live and die, such as Charlotte in "Charlotte's Web." And yes, they teach that animals are sometimes killed for food.

What I Think is the dirty little secret is AR's obvious manipulation of movies like this to fit their viewpoints and conveniantly using outdated material, twisting things to fit their views, and ignoring direct questions to act as though they're superior.

I respect people's diets, what I DON'T respect is people such as you attempting to force your life onto me in order to keep a superiority that you really don't have to begin with.

Wildbird said...

PeTA should face the facts the outside world isnt no picnic and unlike what was seen in BAMBI a OWL is a predator that would soon eat a bunny or skunk and unlike what was shown in that rediclous french movie THE BEAR male bears would kill a cub not adopt it and perhaps maybe if some of those wacky wackos should be marooned in the wilderness with the real wild animals would see that as a apitizer

Anonymous said...

Veganism is a delusion. It requires denying ones own nature and it requires pretending that omnivores can become herbivores. You can also pretend to be a unicorn but you ain't no damn unicorn, and you ain't no herbivore no matter how few animal products you consume.