Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stickin' Pigs on Foot, Circa 1500's


Gaston Phoebus offered this advice in the 1500s concerning boars:

"Hold your spear about the middle, not too far forward lest he strike you with his tusks, and as soon as the point has entered the body, take the haft of your spear under the armpit, and press and push as hard as you can and never let go of the haft; and if the beast be stronger than you then you must turn from side to side as best as you can without letting go the haft, until God comes to your aid or other assistance reaches you."

Sage advice!
I thought you all might like an old quote.
Albert A Rasch


Todd: said...

Sounds like a good ole fashioned adventure, the kind that doesn't happen much today.

Albert A Rasch said...


They actually pursue hog with dogs, but the dogs are trained to corner and then catch them. Which obviously doesn't induce them to charge. I have been in only one real charge that, if I had possesed a spear, I might have been able to skewer him properly. As it was, I stepped on his back, sailed over him, and then shot him. I'll post that story in the future!

Albert A Rasch
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