Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Contacting Those Miserable Curs...

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I really would like to avoid any politicizing on my blog. It’s a no win for a writer unless that’s his or her thing. I’m all about my family, hunting, fishing, and outdoorsy stuff. The more likely I can lose an eye the better I’ll like it. I won’t write about the Presidential elections (Anyone but Hillary Rodham Clinton), nor the state of the economy. (Fine. It’s just a normal correction; happens every nine to twelve years.) Definitely don’t ask me about whom I think should be allowed to vote. (Don’t worry Kristine and Holly, you guys are safe! Dumbasses, on the other hand…)

But after reading Kristine’s article and Othmar’s commentary, I had to hang my head and come to the realization that I too, was too much a talker and not enough a doer. Oh, before I go too far with this mea culpa, I have on an occasion or two voiced my displeasure with my elected officials, but not frequently or stridently enough.

Othmar states it clearly enough, everyone else that is formed against us is very well organized. Outdoorsmen aren’t. I would like to think that we are in the mold of Daniel Boone, Capts. Lewis and Clark, General Lee, Teddy Roosevelt, Patton, all the rugged individualists that made this nation great. But this is a situation that requires a concerted and continuous effort; an effort where only the most tireless and dedicated can hope to win, where friends and associates can make the difference. I therefore resolved to do my part to assist.

You will find that I have located the email communications system for both the House of Representatives, and the Senate. Both of them are relatively easy to use; the House requiring you to have the nine digit zip code for your home. So rip it off some piece of junk mail and tape it to your computer.

You will also find the links to organizations that keep track of legislative affairs that are of importance to the outdoor enthusiast.

Something that I will be doing is making an effort to communicate these issues everyone that I come in contact with via The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles, and Outdoor Blogger Summit. Furthermore I will try to supply a properly worded document that anyone can cut and paste onto there own response when emailing the legislature. You can change it anyway you want to suit your own style. But the convenience of having a pre-written note might be helpful to some. And its not like the aids really read what you write, they just look to see if you are for or against.

Click on the links and it will take you right to a simple to use menu that will get you to your appropriate legislative persons.

US Sportsmen's Alliance
is an organization promoting outdoor enthusiasts' rights. In their own words:

"The USSA meets and defeats anti's attacks against big game hunting, bowhunting, hunting with hounds, trapping and other aspects of the outdoor heritage."

US Sportsmen's Alliance also has a "Bill Tracker" which allows you to pull up any bill in Congress or your home state that involves issues relating to outdoor activities.

I will continue to update this post as more information comes up. If you have a good link let me know about it.

I would like to encourage everyone to read Othmar's editorial. "
Get Active in the Protection of our Rights." As usual, Mr. V gets it right and gives good advice to boot. While you are there, read his archives as there is a wealth of information in them!

On the Outdoor Bloggers Summit, Kristine's piece, Speak Up and Speak Out covers much the same territory, and was what initially put me on this path.

You will notice that right above the Outdoor Bloggers Summit tag, I now have Sportsmen's Political Survival Links. You will eventually find all the sites I find posted there. Please feel free to copy them and use them in your own blogs and websites.

BTW I was perusing NorCalCazadoras' blog and bumped into this post. Let's not be the one that decides who should or shouldn't be out there hunting, fishing, biking or whatever. We are all in this together. If you feel differently, then do your own thing, but don't denigrate someone else for sharing your passion. It's near the end of her post.

Albert A Rasch
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