Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blogs of Note

© By Albert A Rasch

Well my friends, it is time for the monthly "Blogs of Note" posting!

While surfing the Blogsphere I bumped into "Wold Boar Hunting in California and Worldwide" the author PJJ, also has a book out that might be of interest to fellow hog hunters in California.

If you want to see a very popular, well designed, and well written blog go to "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman." There's a bit of mushy love stuff in it, but it really is well written and entertaining. Miss Ree's pictures are awesome too.

The "Great White Hunter" also has some fantastic photography. Located out west near the Sierra Nevada, he has taken incredible pictures of his neck of the mountains and the wildlife there.

As soon as I get the pictures for my stuff done, I'll be posting more on wild hog hunting. My baiting hasn't produced any results yet, so I'll have to make some adjustments to my set and try again.

Albert A Rasch
The Hunt Continues...

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Anonymous said...

I've heard a lot about that Confessions of a Pioneer Woman blog. I should probably go and check that out.

Thanks, I think, for pointing out some blogs of which I was not aware. Not that I need anything else to read, but it is always fun to find something new that is good.