Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blake's Posse at it Again!

© 2008 Albert A Rasch

Ok, last post of the evening! I'll make it mostly pictures! Blake guided us to a little afternoon fishing excursion. We got skunked bad, but everyone had a good time.

Darrel, Joey "Thumbs", and Blake

First stop: Braden River

Darrel with his catch of the day!

Nesting Great Blue Herons.

Blake, Darrel, and Joey. Good boys having good fun!

Even I had a good time riding with them and taking pictures. They have one more day until school starts, and I promised I would take them out tomorrow. Hopefully we will get into some fish. They are beginning to ask about some salt water fishing,and Blake knows a few spots that might be producing.

Albert A Rasch
The Hunt Continues...


Mel said...

Sure look like some good boys having some fun and learning to be better fisherman. Blake seems to be a good tutor. These boys will appreciate your partnership for years to come.

Albert A Rasch said...

Thank you Mel,

I am very proud of Blake and the way he has been comporting himself. As a parent, you spend a lot of time wondering if you are doing a good job. If this is any indication of what I've done right, then I can rest easy.

He went to the Goodwill Store today and found an old Eagle Claw rod and reel, in almost new condition, for $2.99. It has linen line on the reel! He wants to carefully clean it up a bit, find an old lure for it, and hang it up in his room.

I thought it money well spent.


Mel said...

Now that really is a young man to admire!

You have every reason to be proud.