Monday, January 26, 2009

The Sububan Bushwacker: From the Archives

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I like nothing better than a good, ole fashioned, rollicking shootout on a crisp autumn morning. Blood pumping, adrenalin flowing, finger on the trigger, with acrid cordite in the air burning your nose like brimstone, nothing speaks better of a proper Sunday morning spent in contemplation of one's life

Sten, who is more commonly known as The Suburban Bushwacker, and who is our entertaining and fearless Blogger and correspondent from the British Isles , has an older post that he referenced today.

"Battue: French For Bushwacking" explains how our Continental friends organize and run a drive.

Now I don't know about you, but I sure would love to experience that at least once in my life. Of course it may also be the last thing I do, but I am willing to take the risk.

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Albert A Rasch
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Jeff said...

Hey Albert,
I read that post when he first put it up, and you are right about it sounding like a lot of fun; I too would love to join in on it!
I also appreciate all of your comments over at The Cypress Creek Skinning Shed. We are loving sharing all of our hog hunting success stories with everyone!
I have also really been enjoying reading all of your reviews, therefore I have added you to the Skinning Shed blogroll as well as to my blogroll as well. I really believe our hunters will enjoy reading you too!

Albert A Rasch said...

Well thank you for the kind words Jeff!
Nothing like seeing all the successful hunts and hunters to keep me motivated! I've got plans to do a little suburban hog hunting if, and here's the big if, I can convince the parties that rule.

My back-up is to get out to my old stomping grounds and get to work looking for sign. We'll see how it fares!

I hope I can get that Wild Steer and really run it through its paces. I've got some other stuff coming in that I am really excited about.

I'll be delving into a little bit of tactical stuff too. No too much, this is after all, an outdoor adventure blog, but the tactical scene is so HUGE that I have to address it.

Some of it does have crossover applications. The AR platform is now available in hard hitting rounds like the 300 Winchester short mag. A lot of the equipment is useful too, like hydration packs and such.

Anyway, I'll be presenting that and more as the months go by!


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

You really are too kind Albert.

When i wrote the piece i really thought I'd make it over the channel for the next season, but sadly its still a little way off.