Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Range Reviews: Buffalo Bills Beef Jerkey

© 2009 Albert A Rasch

I love dried meats. Especially biltong. American style beef jerky is another snack that I love, but only if it is made right.

When Doug at gave me a call and offered to let me try some of Buffalo Bill's Beef Jerky, I said yes with alacrity!

The first thing I noticed was the enticing aroma that wafted ever so tantalizingly from the now open package. It smelled beefy and rich, as if it were freshly made moments before. The texture was dry, flexible, and definitely not oily or greasy.

I looked around me to make sure none of the locusts were near me, one whiff of this delectable treat, and I would be left with nothing but the inside of the bag to lick. I took a piece out and gave it a connoisseurs inspection. Meaty looking with bits of spice clinging to it. Again the smell was delicious. There was only one thing left to do.

Rich and meaty, it is a delicious treat!

I popped it into my mouth. Could my new friends at have steered me wrong? Not on your life. Buffalo Bills Country Cut Beef Jerky has a wonderful beef flavor, enough spice to be hot but not overbearing, it's chewy but not tough, and did I mention tasty?

Well there's more. Doug also sent me their new Pineapple Jerky. When I opened the zip lock seal on the package, I almost fell over! The smell was intoxicating! Think of tropical beaches, tiki huts, and pina coladas. The taste is out of this world too. It has a light glaze of honey that adds to the overall flavor. It's a little tart and nicely sweet and quite frankly went well with the beef jerky I was having. definitely has a winner with this one.

Great on the trail!

You will find a great variety of jerkys at, from venison and elk jerkys, to ostrich and buffalo. They have assortment packs called Variety Combos, and the Ultimate Gift Pack which is an insulated cooler packed with 11 of Buffalo Bill's finest products and a thick slice of gourmet pineapple jerky. has free shipping on most items.

Buffalo Bills Country Cut Beef Jerky 1/2 Pound: $15.99 with Free Shipping
Pineapple Jerky 1/4 Pound: $9.99 with Free Shipping


tom said...

They need an Impala biltong line to go with the rest. Just saying...I'd buy it.

Best Regards,

Albert A Rasch said...


There was this Rhodesian fellow making Biltong in California. People said it was the best outside of South Africa.

Then the State shut him down!

Go figure.


tom said...

Fellow I once went to gunsmithing college with that's a SA national and I went hunting a few years back and he converted one of his Impala entirely into biltong other than the liver and onions bit and a few organ meats. Still won't give up the recipe of his dry rub.

I believe it's what gave me the energy to make a miracle long range shot on the large zebra mare I got.

Lynx Optics are related to Lightforce and Nightforce by manufacture, but the US range of product isn't as nice as the RSA range as it leaves out most all the fixed power scopes. I'm a fixed scope shooter, more often than not. Less things to break, move around, fiddle with, and you usually have a pretty good idea of where you'll be hunting. Variable range spotting scopes and binoculars are more useful to me than variable rifle scopes.

Forthcoming blogpost on boomers and bs as to how to get one of the Lynx PH scopes from RSA to the USA. I got mail back from Lynx today and have to do some legwork on what the import/export costs would be through my smithy pal but they are near in Swarovski and Leupold territory and their 8X56 with nice coatings and illuminated reticle is about $500US until I figure out how to get it over here...

I put a bullet in a zebra's ear at 335 with their 8x56 on a clam wind slightly overcast day. Been chasing her for weeks. I'd consider it equal to anything less than 3X the cost as far as rifle scopes I've used on the current market. Too bad they don't have a USA agent.

Happy Hunting,

Albert A Rasch said...

Well Tom, Sounds like an opportunity!

I sure would like to see one in 4X or 6X.


tom said...

They make a nice 4X32 and 6X42 as well in the same series of PH scopes. Quite popular in Africa and Australia and sold nowhere else under the LYNX moniker. 1 inch tubes. Good in twilight.

Their manufacturing overlaps with Lightforce and Nightforce and I think they don't think there's enough of a USA market for LF or NF to market fixed power PH scopes as most of the US market is variable powers.

Lightforce and Nightforce ENTIRELY ignored my emails asking if they could source one for me instead of ordering it from Africa. From now on, being as I'm the sort that plays by playground rules and that remembers who's chickens my eggs come from, I shan't buy a Nightforce or Lightforce product without a formal written apology from their company president for ignoring me offering to give them money for a product they likely could get me.

We shall see as the story develops. Post won't be made until I have details nailed down.

Maybe I'll have to supplement my fixing machinery and boats existence with a bit of above board rifle scope trade? Prolly sell 15 scopes a year but the people that bought them would like them.


Albert A Rasch said...

There you have it sir!


PS Why don't you do a review on the ones you do have? Who knows...

tom said...

I had an extended discourse with the president of the company my last night/his this morning, most especially about why the last time they tried to have a US agent it didn't work out and am looking into the rules on importation for commercial purposes at this end.

I've got the numbers on things as to price and what point things drop ship from manufacturer, working out the rest of the details. Never been an importer before except as a person named Tom that brought stuff or shipped stuff home.

Quick review is they are used by damn near 90% of the folks I know in RSA and are considered in the same category as IOR but cost less, as IOR prices have spiked of late. They also aren't as closely related with Night/Lightforce as I thought, they just share some subcontractors in Japan so my apologies to N/LForce.


I'll see what I can do about a review instead of a political rant on my gun page this weekend.
Right or wrong, I seem to have gotten some attention. Sometimes a man feels strongly about things...