Thursday, March 12, 2009

Call the Whitehouse! Call the DNC!

© 2009 Albert A Rasch

If it's good enough for Freedom States Alliance, It's good enough for everyone else!

Freedom States Alliance is an anti firearm ownership group that is trying to disarm citizens in an ill thought reaction to gun violence. As you might imagine it is using the despicable acts of a troubled person to attack lawful and constitutional ownership of firearms.

Give President Obama a buzz, and let him know how you feel.
White House Switchboard: 202-456-1111

And while you're at it give the DNC a call too.
Democratic National Committee: 202-863-8000

I put this on the DNC's online forum:

Do not allow the acts of a troubled individual to infringe upon the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. As a voting and law abiding citizen, I will look at the voting record of all members of the House and the Senate and vote accordingly, and encourage all my friends and associates to actively oppose any member of Congress who votes in favor of any more restrictions in gun ownership.


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Albert A Rasch
The Hunt Continues...


Anonymous said...

Don't these people have anything better to do?

wendigo said...

Thanks for the phone #'s Albert! I'm calling and calling cause it ain't quietly going to go away. They will keep at it til they satisfy their bloated ego's.

EcoRover said...

Geez, what a choice: The Republicans, who want to pollute our water, cut our forests, and sell off our public land; or The Democrats, who want to ban assault rifles.

Albert A Rasch said...


They won't stop at the "assault rifles." They'll want my Colt 1911, my Ruger 10/22, my wife's Smith & Wesson 9mm, the 8 shot Mossberg 500, and that's just the start of the list.

The environmental movement has the average hunter and gun owner as an ally, but the hunter and firearms enthusiast has few allies except others like him.

I took a brief tour of your blogs, and I commend you on your work on the Big Hole Watershed, and the Clark Fork River. We outdoorsmen are your natural allies in your pursuit!