Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Blogs Out There

Nocturnal wanderings do have their positive side. I found a few more blogs that are interesting.

First up is Xavier Thoughts.

From his profile:"Xavier has been an avid shooter for over 30 years. He strongly supports the 2nd Amendment, opposes gun control of any sort, and carries a weapon 24 hours a day." My kind of health care practitioner!

Next is Smokeless Powder

His profile says: "My blog is dedicated to firearms, firearm history, and the Second Amendment. I've been an avid collector of mostly curio and relic rifles for many years and I will use this blog to pass on news, information, and ideas." He has lots to share and does it well.

And then there is Budd's Shop Talk

Budd's header intro really made me look at all his stuff carefully. You might be surprised how much you can learn from a good reading! His intro:
"Budd, of Budd's Gunsmith Shop, talks about gunsmithing, blacksmithing, ironwork, and more. Everything from guns he's working on in his shop, to restoration projects."

And last is Outdoor Equipment Review, Reviews. He (or she) has posted quite a few links to TROC and some of the other blogs in OBS. The intro says: "We Review the Reviewers! Equipment reviews, Tactical Reviews, Outdoor equipment reviews, Hunting gear reviews, Fishing equipment reviews, Review reviews." Well, there it is.

Alright folks y'all have a nice evening, I'm gonna wander a bit more.



Stacey Huston said...

Thanks for the links. I tried a few months ago to join the outdoor bloggers summit. but they never returned my email..not sure if they just weren't interested, or if I did it wrong..lol off to check out the links now.. thanks

Albert A Rasch said...

Miss Stacey,

I'll get you all squared away and I'm certain that it was just a miscommunication!

I'll be happy to email you the html stuff to plug in if you would like.


wandering owl said...

Thanks for links, Albert. You've shown us a lot of good reading!