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Afghanistan Lessons Learned

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Afghan Lessons Learned for Soldiers

I get several visits from our servicemen out in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not many, but enough that I see them popping up regularly on Analytics. With the limited amount of down time that our brave fellows get, I am humbled that they spend it with all of us here at the Chronicles.

So I am going to make a quick departure from the norm and point everyone to a couple of blogs that deal with the War on Terror and specifically with the Afghanistan theater. I've been reading them for some time, in addition to others in the field.

What I would like everyone to do is to forward these links to anyone that you think might be helped by having access to pertinent, real time information that could save their lives. We all have friends and family serving in the military; make it a point to take a few minutes and forward these blogs to them.

First is Bill and Bob's Excellent Afghan Adventure.

Bill and Bob's is written by a career Citizen-Soldier with 27 years of service. He volunteered to go to Afghanistan in order to train and advise the Afghan National Army. His final duty was to train and mentor the Afghan National Police Force, the law enforcement arm of the Afghan government, and very frequently the only contact that citizens of Afghanistan have with their government.

Bill and Bob's covers the latest discussions on Counter Insurgency doctrine. (COIN) There are plenty of links to great material and sources of information in addition to B&B's insightful commentaries and discourses.

The other blog is ALL = Afghan Lessons Learned for Soldiers

ALL is written by four MilBloggers that saw the need to help prepare soldiers deploying to Afghanistan. They cover everything from equipment needs to sociology and history. Anyone that has even a passing interest in Afghanistan, would do well to review the material in ALL as it is well thought out, and practical.

Pass this on and get it into the hands of those that can use it most.

Albert A Rasch
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GoGo said...


Good job on giving some time to our brave young men and women fighting overseas. I checked the two blogs you highlighted and they will surely be a valuable resource tool for the troops heading towards the War Zone for the first time. They both read like a kinda "lonely Planet" travel-guide for the soldier: Lots of good info. on what to bring; climate; and area history.....Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Keep up the good work.