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Saturday Blog Rodeo 10/17/09

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Blog Rodeo: 10/10/09

Wow, yet another Saturday has arrived, and it is time for another Rodeo! How time flies when you are having fun.

Once again, I've been roaming the hinterlands of the hunting and outdoorsmen's internet and as usual, I've picked out posts that I especially enjoyed this past week from all of blogs I follow, and some that I found. There have really been some great ones this week.

Remember if you bump into a post you especially like, drop me a note and I'll include it in the Rodeo. You can even feel free to copy this whole post and run it on your own blog; it spreads the word, and it's always nice to give a little link love to your fellow bloggers!

My bud Rick Kratzke over atWhitetail Woods has put several really informative posts together in the last couple of weeks. This one, Intriquing Aspect about Whitetail Deer Lungs is a must read. Knowledge of an animal's anatomy is probably the most important skill you can have next to accuracy.

One of the things that is usually guaranteed is that when a man posts a recipe, it was something that was relatively easy to do. Wild Ed throws out a good ol' Texas Style Bread Puddin' recipe that I am going to try out myself. From Ed himself: "The neat thing is you can put whatever you like into it and make it your favorite way. In deer camps I have used bread, biscuits, rolls, fried pies, doughnuts, honey buns, cinnamon rolls and muffins to make bread pudding." You can't beat that!

T Michael, my good friend from Native Hunt out in California, has posted a really fantastic post about tracking, his daughter, and buffalo poop! You owe it to yourself to take a look at it, and maybe mull it over as I have. "At the suggestion of any creature subsisting off of another animal's feces, my little girl scrunched up her face and loudly expostulated, “Eeew’ you kidding!Tracking and the Art of Zen is just great and well worth the time to read.

I've been following this fellows blog for sometime now. I get most of it being that Portugese is similar to Spanish, but I really go there to see the pictures. João Alexandre Voss de Oliveira is a blacksmith and he makes some impressive and useful knives. Rustic Knife, in the Style of Nessmuk, and Engraved is a neat looking skinner. Check out some of his older posts while you're there.

And good ol' Hubert Hubert over the pond at Rabbit Stew, has put together some wonderful advice based on his experiences airgunning for rabbits along the hedgerows and fencelines of his neighborhood. In How to Hunt Rabbits with an Airgun, Hubert Hubert puts together at least a couple, three dozen tips and techniques that you can use on just about anything you hunt. Check it out!

Well it has been a busy week, and I just haven't had the time to get too many things done around the blog.

Keep your eyes on it though, interesting things are on there way!



Hubert Hubert said...

This is, as ever, very kind of you Albert! Where would hunter/bloggers be without you? You are a star.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention my friend, it is greatly appreciated.