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Saturday Blog Rodeo 03/06/10

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Blog Rodeo: 03/06/10

Wow, my first Saturday since I arrived, and it is time for my usual fare: another Blog Rodeo! How time flies when you are having fun, or getting shot at!

Once again, I've been roaming the hinterlands of the hunting and outdoorsmen's internet and as usual, I've picked out posts that I especially enjoyed this past week from all of blogs I follow, and some that I found. There have really been some better than great ones this week.

(Remember if you bump into a post you especially like, drop me a note and I'll include it in the Rodeo. You can even feel free to copy this whole post and run it on your own blog; it spreads the word, and it's always nice to give a little link love to your fellow bloggers!)

First up is a new blog for me, I have been following Eric Nuse's Blog Fair Chase for quite a while now, and I have always found it to be elucidating and educational. This week he highlighted a post by Orion board member Tammy Sapp, from her exceptional blog, The Outdoor Scene. In Understanding Issues: It's Complicated, Ms Sapp discusses the North American Wildlife Conservation Model, its impact, and the guidelines that have made it a success in managing wildlife for all. "The model’s two basic principles—that fish and wildlife belong to everyone and are to be managed so their populations will be sustained forever—are explained through a set of guidelines known as the “Seven Sisters for Conservation. I strongly recommend that you take a moment and read the post, it is short, and again, elucidating!

Rick Kratzke over at Whitetail Woods has some interesting anecdotes posted on the Wild Turkey, which is a new "passion" for Rick.  His post, The Wild Turkey, Did you know that... has some well known and several little known facts about our friend the Turkey. Rick also found a good video on dressing out a turkey: A How-To Video Cleaning a Wild Turkey Check out Rick's blog, it is one of my favorites.

Hubert Hubert, our intrepid philosopher, intellectual, and shootist, at Rabbit Stew has given great thought to the oftentimes acrimonious debate over .177 vrs .22 caliber in air rifles. With careful deliberation, and some handy charts, he makes the case for the .177. Why a .177 for Hunting Rabbits? Because Hubert says so!

Bruce has some great photos of Torrey Pines State Park over at his Blog The Log of Spartina.  "I think I have mentioned before that my wife and I love to hike at Torrey Pines State Park. It is one of my very favorite places. It is located on the coast between San Diego and Del Mar. A great set of trails, a nice visitor's center and some great scenic beauty." Steve built the Spartina well over four years ago, using a John Welsford designed yawl, called "Pathfinder." There are a lot of great tips and techniques on single handed sailing and camping. You owe it to yourselves to take a look.

And as usual, Borepatch the miester of web security and muzzle control has an interesting bit of correspondence between Her Majesty's subjects and Her wonderful Ministries. They really have gone off the deep end over there... SBW? Are you feeling ok? How many fingers are we holding up?

Here are a couple of older posts that should be revisited:

My Favorite Marlin brings us a great, short essay: Bush Living by Sharron Chatterton. Eloquent, direct, and full of insight, it is a must read this Saturday morning.

Hodgeman's Thoughts takes a shot at the fools that come from the Hail Mary School of Shooting: "From the hunting field this year I'm hearing more and more tales of these outrageous shots. Hunters in the field being tempted to squeeze the trigger on a moose or caribou at distances well over 300 yards. Maybe they're desperate for a moose, maybe they've watched shows like "Best of the West" and feel confident anybody can whack an elk or a moose at 700 yards, or maybe they feel its reasonable to even try." Are you seriously kidding me? Look I spend a lot of time defending hunters, but if that's what people think is acceptable, then we are getting just what we deserve.

Remember to let me know if there is something you want me to highlight for you! And don't forget, leave a little note on folk's blogs and let them know you stop by and appreciate their work.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Albert, that does mean a lot and I appreciate it.

Hubert Hubert said...

Ah, Albert, I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to get round to thanking you for this link - I've been stuffed with a cold all week and writing a long crazy film review instead of paying attention to people's kindness.

Thanks again, and I hope you're getting a good rest in the States before going back overseas.