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Monday, April 26, 2010

My Outdoor Adventure Bucket List

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Whitetail WoodsWhitetail Woods has been foremost in my mind lately. Rick has had several intriguing posts that I wanted to participate or comment on.  My Bucket List, a Goal for the Future is one of Rick's posts that I would like to see everyone participate in, just so we can see what everyones wish list might be.

I noticed that the majority of my wish list generally revolves around a few firearms and using them in specific adventures.

Probably my number one adventure wish would be to take a Cape Buffalo with my Ruger #1 in Tanzania. Preferably charging me, where my second shot drops him mere inches from my outstretched foot.  I have thought about it for years. Even as a child I dreamed of hunting in Africa, and Cape Buffalo has always been at the top of my list.
Right up there would be to hunt an elk with a Harpers Ferry 1792 pattern flintlock rifle like Captains Lewis and Clark had during their trek across the United States. Ever since I read Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose, I have wanted to trek in their footsteps and hunt where they hunted. Taking an elk with a flintlock like their's would be a dream come true!

I love to make things. My garage is a disaster waiting to happen, with scraps of metal and wood, pieces of machinery, along with assorted other odds and ends that someday may become something useful. One of these days, I intend to build an eight bore flintlock rifle. Something that the early African explorers might have carried. A no-nonsense working man's rifle; nothing fancy,  but capable of taking anything that might come my way!

Ever since I have received my American Longbow from Siegeworks I have wanted to take a whitetail deer with a long bow. The idea of working hard, and using "primitive" to take your game has always appealed to me, and is probably the reason I hunt the way I do. For me, the hunt is everything, the kill secondary. It's the adventure that counts, and shooting a long bow is part of the adventure! Sharp broadheads, a simple, light weight bow, a grass and reed blind, and you have the beginnings of a great hunt.

Some might say I am quirky. I am enamored to the 16 gauge. I suppose that since everyone else uses a 12 or a 20, I must therefore use a 10 or a 16. I would love nothing more than to hunt Wild Turkey with a Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing RBL in 16 gauge. Even better, would be to pursue the Turkey Grand Slam with the RBL!

OK, this one is a what I would call having real fun with my friends! First I need to commision my blogging bladesmith friend Todd Hill of Primitive Point, to fashion me two sets of harpoons. Then I need to somehow get good 'ol Suburban Bushwacker stateside for a week or so. Then I have to convince SBW that my pirogue is a safe enough platform to harpoon first a shark, and then an alligator!

Harpoons: $750
Roundtrip Airfare: $1800
Look on SBW's face when surrounded by man eating sharks while standing in a flimsy plywood pirogue hundreds of yards from shore:


The romantic allure of the Double Rifle! Nothing speaks of competence and professionalism like a big bore double. Sooner or later I am going to manage getting my hands on a double rifle in 500 Nitro Express. Something that will let me know that I pulled the trigger, and let the recipient know that it got hit!

Now this one requires intestinal fortitude and two or three weeks in the Alaskan wilderness. I want to take a Brown Bear in Alaska. I want to hunt hard and range far into the interior while pursuing a magnificent specimen.I've always wanted a big bear throw for the bed.

While I am up there in the Great White North I want to fish for Salmon too. Until my arms are tired.

Well I think that about rounds out my top ten Outdoor Adventures! Here are a few more that I really would like to accomplish too.

Bonus Adventures:
Follow the whole Lewis and Clark Trail.
Eat enough Biltong to make me sick!
Build an Atl-Atl.
Hunt grouse in Scotland.
Hunt Red Deer in New Zealand.

Post your Outdoor Adventure Bucket List and let me and Rick know so we can link to it! Let's see how they are the same, and how they differ.

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Rick Kratzke said...

Thanks again for the link. It would be neat to see what everyone comes up with.

Emily said...

Great list, Albert. I just posted mine a couple of days ago. It was really fun to put together.

Murphyfish said...

Wow Albert now that is truly a Bucket list to be proud of, thanks for sharing.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

you have no idea how up for it i am

Ron said...

So what caliber are you thinking of for the #1 buff hunt. That one is on my list as well. I like the idea of the 500 nitro but I hate the idea of getting the hell kicked out of me. Perhaps the .416 is a better choice for me. Presently in the market for a 38-50 for whitetail if you know of one for sale

Ron said...

So what caliber are you thinking of for the #1 buff hunt. That one is on my list as well. I like the idea of the 500 nitro but I hate the idea of getting the hell kicked out of me. Perhaps the .416 is a better choice for me. Presently in the market for a 38-50 for whitetail if you know of one for sale

dukkillr said...

Thanks for the good idea. I've spent quite a bit of time thinking about my own list and wrote it up tonight.

Albert A Rasch said...

Thanks fellows!

Ron, it's a 458WM. I can shoot it 7 or eight times before my jaws has had enough!

DK, I'll add you to the list!