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Best of the Outdoor Bloggers: Wild Ed's Texas Outdoors

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Wild Ed is a prodigious outdoor author and one that I am honored to be friends with. This is his second installment on the Best of the Outdoor Bloggers series with several more to come, as his posts are that good!

Best of the Outdoor Bloggers

Recently,built an all wood boat and have started on my second build, which will be a copy of the Brazos Boat Works design of a 3 panel kayak with stripped decks. The whole boat will be made from cedar strips.

I did not want to paddle these boats with a plastic kayak paddle and decided to go purchase a laminated wood double kayak paddle. Boy was I in for sticker shock. I had no idea that wood kayak paddles would be so expensive. I came home without a paddle and decided to just use the plastic one I had.

I went to Academy several days ago to look for another plastic paddle and while I was browsing the plastic paddles I saw several inexpensive single wood boat paddles. A light bulb went off in my head and I thought why not take a couple of the inexpensive wooden boat paddles and make a double blade kayak paddle. The following pictures will show some of what I did and how it turned out. I am actually quite proud of the results and will be doing some more in the future. Total cost in materials was under $40.00

Here are the two inexpensive canoe paddles I started with.

Clamped the paddles together cut the handles off and cut the blades to shape on the band saw

Here is what the two paddles looked liked when I unclamped them from cutting and shaping the blades.

Sanded blades, cut scarf joint, glued. fiberglassed the joint and clamped up to dry.

Finished paddle sanded and varnished. The upper blade is darker in the photo because it is wet and the final drying is taking place. I did put a bamboo dowel through the scarf joint and also fiberglassed the joint to make sure it was plenty strong. This was my first time to laminate two paddles into one and I am pleased with the result. I want to see how this length works with my style of boat and a high seat. I may make a shorter one later.

My friends, I hope you are as pleased as I with this installment of "Best of the Outdoor Bloggers." I want to thank Wild Ed of Wild Ed's Texas Outdoors for allowing me to share his "Turning Canoe Paddles into Kayak Paddles" with everyone.  If you have a post that you are particularly proud of, or if you want to look at your Analytics and check out what your # 1 post is, please feel free to forward it to me and I will gladly post it and link the snot out of it to your blog!

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Wild Ed said...

Geez Albert, now I have to go buy a bigger hat size! Thanks for being a friend and mentor.
Wild Ed's Texas Outdoors

Rick Kratzke said...

As usual another outstanding post by Albert. I have been following Wild Ed for well since I was introduced to his site by Allbert. I truly enjoy reading it whenever possible.

Whitetail Woods Blog / Muzzleloader Shooting

troutrageous1 said...

Very cool post. Ingenious even. Thanks for pointing it out Albert. Even bigger thanks for writing it Ed.

Michael Spinelli said...

What a great way to take advantage of something already available, and modify it for a new use!

Mike S
Mike's Travels

Albert A Rasch said...

Always my pleasure to bring the best of my friends' work to everyone!

Best regards,
Trampled and Gored