Saturday, September 18, 2010

Morale Boosting Yo-Yo's!

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I'm still receiving care packages with morale boosting Yo-Yo's from my friends and patriots throughout the blogosphere!

I want to thank DesertFoxPatriot for his kind gift of Yo-Yo's. Not only did he forward Yo-Yo's for me to share with our troops, he also enclosed small notes with fantastic quotes from our Founding Fathers! What a nice and personal touch that is!

And in a few days, as time permits, I will finish an interview with Uncle Roy's Toys' very own Uncle Roy, who has graciously donated 200 handmade, hardwood Yo-Yo's to the campaign! These are all-American, Made in the USA Yo-Yo's for our fighting men!

I am currently coordinating with Stars and Stripes and it is my hope that they will help out and cover our distribution of Yo-Yo Care Packages!

With some luck, I will finally have a wireless connection to the internet in a couple of weeks. That will allow me to download photos and post them. You can look forward to a whole bunch of photos from the ones I have already given away, and more!

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