Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chad Love Joins Quail Forever's Quail Blog

Chad Love Joins Quail Forever's Quail Blog Writing Staff

Chad Love, our blogging compadre of The Mallard of Discontent has become a contributor to the Quail Forever blog:

Saint Paul, Minn. - Quail Forever introduces Chad Love as a new contributor to its Quail Blog. Love, a resident of Woodward, Oklahoma, Quail Forever member and the gun dog blogger for Field&, will provide fresh perspectives on quail conservation, quail hunting and quail bird dogs multiple times weekly.

"Quail Forever's growing membership is demanding more and better online quail content, and Chad Love brings a level of quail passion and expertise to meet that demand," said Bob St.Pierre, Quail Forever's Vice President of Marketing. Quail Forever, the quail conservation division of Pheasants Forever, now boasts 120 chapters across the country.

Love, an Oklahoma native, has hunted quail since he was a teenager and resides amidst some of the finest bobwhite quail habitat in the United States. "Quail occupy a very special place in my heart," Love said, "To paraphrase Orwell, all upland game birds are equal, but some are just a little more equal than others. That's how quail are for me. They're home. The bobwhite quail was my introduction to the world of hunting, and although I do flirt with the deer and turkeys and carry on a pretty torrid affair with pheasants and waterfowl, Mr. Bob is my first love and always will be. And to be able to write about that passion and wonder for Quail Forever is, for me, an honor."

Love, who writes the Man's Best Friend blog for Field&, has a young English Setter and looks forward to creating an online community with quail bird dog enthusiasts. "I got my first gundog in college, a Lab, and got my first pointer a couple years later and I've never looked back," Love said, "You can't have a blog about quail without talking about bird dogs."

Love has spent much of his career as a freelance writer focusing on conservation and environmental issues, and is excited to align with Quail Forever's wildlife habitat conservation mission. "I've always been particularly interested in upland and prairie bird conservation and as such I've devoted a lot of my writing efforts toward highlighting why upland game birds like quail matter every bit as much, why they're every bit as important as deer, turkeys, or elk or anything else," he said.

Love is a native of Norman, Oklahoma, where he landed his first writing job as the outdoors columnist for the Norman Transcript. In addition to his work for Quail Forever and Field&, love also maintains The Mallard of Discontent blog and contributes to the blog Mouthful of Feathers.

Quail Forever is dedicated to the conservation of quail, pheasants and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education and land management policies and programs.

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