Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It Just Gets Worse...


By happenstance we caught...

All I can say is someone with a cameraphone.

On it was:

Anti-American propaganda.

Pictures of dead American military personnel.

Al-Qaeda material.

And plenty of other stuff that I can't discuss.

If we were wary before, we're on pins and needles now. Something bad is brewing and all we have is our wits and experience. Nothing more to work with, so far. We may know more tomorrow.

Eight more days, just eight more days.



hodgeman said...

I've said it before... God gave you two hands so you can always have your .45 in one of them.

Stay safe!

Bob said...

Stay safe, Albert. Prayers go out.

Steve said...

Be safe and keep the rubber side down.

Murphyfish said...

Take good care Albert, don't let your guard down as RnR beckons my good man.

Albert A Rasch said...

No worries my friends! I'm not letting myself get complacent, if anything I'm hyper-vigilant. Walk like you've nothing to worry about, but don't let anyone get behind you; that's the ticket.

I just hope nothing happens while I'm gone. Shit, I hope nothong happens before I'm gone too!

Best regards,

Jamie Cameron said...

Head on a swivel brother. Head on a swivel.

RR. The Kamper Man said...

There it comes spring-summer and the rats get out of their holes.
Al, thanks for your service and wish you a safe return home!

Greg said...

Stay safe and keep your finger on the trigger.