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Hunter and Angler Fact Sheet

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Hunter and Angler Fact Sheet!

Well it's that time of year again where we are all thinking about the summer that is soon to be here, and all the fun and frolic!
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Ummm... Yeah...

But let's not forget our responsibilities to educate and elucidate the facts about or sporting pastimes for our non-sporting friends and neighbors.

The National Hunting and Fishing Day Organization has several assets available for the conservationist to use. Among them is this easily printed PDF with great facts on the leadership and conservation that Hunters and Anglers provide in the great outdoors.

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Hunter and Angler Fact Sheet

Take a few moments, and print out a dozen copies, (it's only a single side). Share them with non-hunting or non-fishing friends and let them know the facts about hunters and anglers. It is up to you to make sure our friends and neighbors understand the science behind our sport along with the facts and our own personal beliefs

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Michael Lee said...

Those are really good fact sheets. I've printed some out to give out.

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