Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Range Reviews: Tactical: Getting a Contracting Job

Getting an Overseas Job as a Contractor!
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Jobs are scarce, of that there is no doubt. The cost of living is sky-rocketing out of control, no question there. If you have ever considered Overseas Contracting, now is the time.

I wrote a primer that might be of some help to anyone trying to get into the Contracting business.

The Range Reviews: Tactical: Getting a Contracting Job

"Recently I recieved a very polite email from a young man desiring to become a contractor out here in Afghanistan. He had found several of my posts on Afghanistan and US Government contracting and got in touch with me with some very good questions. I thought it would be interesting to discuss it and perhaps help a few of you out with some pointers."

I've written down a few helpful hints and put together a checklist for anyone interested.

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Albert Rasch In Afghanistan


Michael Lee said...

Let me go take a look at it; not that I am thinking of heading out there, but... well you just never know do you.

Keep your fletching dry!
Michael Lee
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Michael Spinelli said...

I've emailed you.

Mike S.

Nebraska Hunting Company said...

Nice article, good to know that youre willing to lend a hand and teach people the ropes!

Scott Croner

Johnny Storme said...

Yeah, I just sent you one too.