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I can’t get over that summer is almost over, and hunting season will soon start in earnest in just a few short weeks! Archery season will kick it off with rifle, shotgun, and muzzleloader aficionados taking to the field also. Hunting season will soon be in full throttle throughout our great Nation! Millions of sportsmen and women will take to the fields, forests, plains, and mountains in pursuit of American game and enjoying our great outdoors!

But wait! Have you taken the proper Hunters Safety course for your home state? More importantly have you helped prepare your son or daughter for their Hunter Safety or Education exam?

As usual, I got to thinking about this and decided to research the opportunities available for today’s busy family and sportsmen. After searching a short while and looking around the internet I found some great education material to share with you. I found the outdoor educational resource people at HunterCourse.Com who offer online hunter safety courses classes to help you educate yourself and your loved ones in hunting safety.

HunterCourse.Com is a leading provider of hunter safety education courses across North America. For instance, people who live in California can obtain a California hunting license via

Offering online courses for over twenty states, provides course materials and official Hunter Safety Course exams, and is the leading provider of online hunter safety education and certification in the USA and Canada. The courses meet all the guidelines set by the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA) and the Treestand Manufacturer's Association (TMA). The online hunter safety course is approved by agencies responsible for hunter education in over 20 states.

The entire online hunter safety course is professionally narrated. You can sit back and allow them to walk you through the study guide! Those of you that are hands-on learners will love the 60+ interactive hunter safety animations and exercises. They also have online shooting ranges! That’s a HunterCourse.Co exclusive!

The Jim Shockey Dream Hunt! Your course is your chance to win!

When you take and pass the online Hunter Safety course, you are automatically entered into a draw to win a Jim Shockey Dream Hunt package worth $10,000. Each year one Hunter Safety course student and the instructor that administered that student's field day will be randomly drawn to win an all–expense paid "Jim Shockey Dream Hunt". All the details are here.

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