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Columbus Day: Little Known Facts

Columbus Day history and little known facts!
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Once again, a cheery hello to all my friends!

I received an interesting email this morning, with several little known facts about Christopher Columbus, that I thought I might share with you.

I also added a few comments as a means of explanation, and elucidation.

Did You Know:

Columbus landed on October 12, 1492? Just to point out the obvious, that's why we celebrate it on that day.

His real name is Christoffa Corombo, but we call him Christopher Columbus. That's because we can't leave well enough alone.

Columbus Day is called Fiesta Nacional in Spain. That's because even if Chris was Italian, they (the Spaniards) funded the whole shebang.

Some of the Spanish Conquistador soldiers used a harquebus, which was an early musket. That's shouldn't even be a surprise to you. But did you know they carried some of the first known biological agents used against others? Yeah, the flu, scarlet fever, measles, small pox, and a little known but really big one, swine flu!

Columbus never set foot in U.S. soil, having first landed in the Bahamas. And here I thought it was the Dominican Republic, or better said, the island of Hispaniola.

It was his brother Bartholomew's idea, not Columbus’, to sail across the ocean. And did he ever get any credit?If it's any consolation, he didn't end up in prison either...

There are 22 states that don't celebrate Columbus Day. Politics, just politics...

Both the Nina and the Santa Maria were nicknames for the Santa Clara (Nina) and the Gallega (Santa Maria). And word is that there were women on all the boats!

We don't know what Columbus looked like since the paintings of him are not based on his actual looks. Certainly a man of steely gaze, steadfast determination, and a gambler's luck!

There you have it folks, some tidbits of information that you can share with your friends and family to entertain and delight!

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