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The Range Reviews: SOG Twitch I

The Range reviews the SOG Twitch I; Best Undercover Self Defense Folder!
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SOG Twitch I: Swift, Sexy and Subtle!

The SOG Twitch I
Photo Courtesy of SOG Specialty Knives

Though I don’t usually bring it up, I have a more than passing interest in self defense and offense. Being prepared for any eventuality is ingrained in me, and I rarely get dressed without a basic set of tools on me. I've been fortunate to never have to resort to them, but I sure have been glad to have something with me several times!

When stepping out of the house, my primary defensive arm is the SOG Twitch I. (Model number TWI-7.) When SOG decided to upgrade the classic lockback pocket knife, they did it with engineering, technology, and style. From the lightweight construction to the high tech cryogenic treatment on the blade, the Twitch I oozes sexy, covert, special ops –

for the average, every day, 9 to 5 guy.

Sharp accessories.

The handles are hard-anodized aluminum in a very discreet graphite color. The hard anodization is exactly that: hard. After a year of constant use the aluminum shows no sign of scratches, scuffs, or scrapes.

Lightweight and subtle, two things I'm not.

The Twitch weighs 2 ounces exactly; it’s very light. That means that it won’t wrinkle your slack’s pocket nor drag it down. The pocket clip which can also be used as a money clip, is unobtrusive and finished in a matte silver finish.

It sports a two inch long, stainless steel, cryogenically treated, drop point blade. The SOG Cryogenic Treatment process brings the blade down in temperature to less than 300°F and then reverses the process and lets it return to room temperature in a controlled fashion. This freezing and warming, stress relieves the stainless steel on an atomic level. The process increases overall strength, toughness and in addition, increases edge retention. In other words, your knife stays sharper longer with significantly less micro-fracturing and edge-chipping. The Twitch is razor sharp out of the box, and if touched up regularly, stays that way.

The drop point is an excellent choice for defensive knives. It is an effective stabbing profile, but is also very good on the slashing attack.

The split lockback: Pass Through Lockbar

When SOG updated the lockback, they did it with panache. The Twitch features a pass-through lockbar (patent pending). This allows the kicker tab to stick out. One push with the forefinger, and the blade deploys to fully open in a flash. The SOG Assisted Technology is responsible for the lightning fast blade action. Two springs coiled inside the assist assembly propel the blade to fully open once the user has initiated the opening.

SAT Springs in the Assist
Photo Courtesy of SOG Specialty Knives

There is a safety that allows the blade to be locked in both the open and closed position. Mine has a little piece from a bamboo toothpick jammed in it. I don't want there to be a failure to deploy if I ever need it. I'm not concerned with the blade closing on my fingers either. The lock is very secure and sturdy, and for my intended purposes, it should only be in use for moments.

All in all, I find the SOG Twitch I a solid buy. Perfect for discreet wear, it has sufficient style that it would not raise an eyebrow if someone saw it on your office desk. The blade is short enough to pass in most concealed weapons districts. (Check your laws very carefully!)

The price is very affordable; most street prices range from $32.00 to $39.00.

SOG Twitch I
MSRP: $60.00

Best Regards,
Albert A Rasch
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Hippo said...

"It is an effective stabbing profile, but is also very good on the slashing attack."

Just get caught with one of those in UK! As a switchblade it is doubly illegal.

But I live in Angola.

I want one!

Alex D. said...

How's it feel in the hand? I carry folders for utility, and have pretty big hands.

The Diabetic Camper said...

Looks nice. I have been trying to find a new EDC (every day cary) that does not destroy my slacks at work. I keep a few knives in my briefcase but would like to have something light and usefull in my pocket. Thanks for the review and i have noticed that SOG prices have been coming down lately and they have been running some sales. I might pick one up.

Eastern Shore Outdoors said...

Excellent review and good points on self defense....Phil