Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Free Fishing Lures from Fish Creek Spinners

You have until the tenth of February, only two days, to enter into Fish Creek Spinners lure give-a way!

How It Works:

Leave a comment, any comment on the contest post, up to 5 entries per angler so enter as many times as you want - you cast more, you catch more fish.

Help promote the drawing, Twitter it, Facebook it, or feature it on your blog! Better participation = more and better prizes!

What's this mean to you?

More Comments = More Entries = Better Angler Odds

More Anglers = Better Prizes (more spinners) and more Winners

So if you're feeling lucky, spread the word. More anglers in drawing = more winners and more spinners for the winners.

After reaching 24 anglers, each time the number of 'anglers' in the drawing exceeds the next multiple of twelve, another winner and spinner is added to the drawing. The more anglers that enter, the more winners and spinners in each winning set - up to twelve spinners for 10 winning anglers.

OK then, let's double check we got it all correct!
How to Enter Drawing

To enter just click the blog title: Happy Birthday Noise on the Line and then enter a comment to the Comments section at the bottom of the post.

Each comment you enter (that includes unique identifying info) becomes an entry number in the 2/11/12 drawing.

Each comment increases your odds of choosing one of your numbered entries.

Some anglers choose identifying information when they comment, others use Anonymous. Just leave something, anything that we can track back to you! Hate for you to win, and we don't know who you are, where you are, or any of the other W's that might identify you!


Fishing Lures said...

What more could an angler want!

cheech said...

aaaargh I missed the lure giveaway!