Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bill Booth Outdoors

05/22/07 Tuesday
Weather: Morning: Sunny and warm. Afternoon: Clear, sunny and warm.
0653 hrs Temp: 62.2F Humidity: 97% Barometric Pressure: 30.06
1812 hrs Temp: 87.7F Humidity: 36% Barometric Pressure: 30.00
2048 hrs Temp: 75.9F Humidity: 61% Barometric Pressure: 30.06

Today was one of those days that you just lean back and say “What a day!”

I’m working my tail off at my job, keeping an eye on some folks whose appearance didn’t convince me that they were not up to something. A big, full sized, four door pick up truck pulls up and parks right in front of the concrete.

I hate it when they do that.

We were going to haul concrete out of the back to fill the distribution area, so I asked the fellow driving if he would mind pulling the truck up and out of our way. Considering the quality of the forklift operators, I thought more than prudent. The truck was pretty nice. I noticed that he had on a camouflage ball cap and shirt, and that his truck had many hunting and outdoor equipment stickers too. I figured he was probably an ok guy. I made an off hand comment that “…either you really like Realtree Camo or they sponsor you!” He replied, “Both, I have a TV show.”

My introduction to Bill Booth of “Bill Booth Outdoors ‘Walkin the Walk’”, was now official.

I about fell over myself. Here was a real life TV show host, parked right in my parking lot. And to top it off he did my kind of TV! Real TV. At this point he’s allowed to park on top of the concrete if he wants.

Now, many of you know me well. Celebrity doesn’t impress me. I chatted with John Denver for over an hour during a charity event in New York City. He was a real nice guy. I met part of the Kennedy clan at another charity function, again in New York City. Not impressed. Governor Kean of New Jersey and I traded impressions on artwork at Jersey City State College during an exhibit there. All right fellow as far as people go.

Bill Booth is as down to earth, hard working, and as real a fellow, as you would ever like to meet. I must have bent his ear for 20-30 minutes after he had checked out. And it was like two hunting buddies were shooting the breeze about stuff. I’m sure he was busy, judging from the armload of stuff he was carrying, but he never made me feel like there was anything more important than having a conversation with a fellow hunter.

Definitely go to his Web Site, “Bill Booth Outdoors ‘Walkin the Walk’”, and check out his show schedule. They are filming the 2008 season as you are reading this.

Albert A Rasch

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What a pathetic sychophant you turn out to be.