Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gelato and a Double Shot Latte, Please

05/19/07 Saturday
Weather: Morning: Sunny and warm. Afternoon: Partly cloudy and very warm. Evening: Clearing
0746 hrs Temp: 73.2F Humidity: 76% Barometric Pressure: 30.03
1608 hrs Temp: 87.4F Humidity: 32% Barometric Pressure: 30.00
1110 hrs Temp: 66.9F Humidity: 69% Barometric Pressure: 30.09

Once again everyone needed me for one thing or another and I didn’t get anything done around the Hacienda. I did get out for a couple of hours (and then some) this afternoon for a little hog hunting, or so I thought. Details in an upcoming story.

We were invited by some very close friends to dinner in St. Petersburg. Not only did we go to a new Italian restaurant, complete with gnocchi, but we also found a gelato shop. The gelato was delicious and the coffee stupendous. “Paciugo Gelato Caffe” on Beach Drive in the Parkshore Plaza. The coffee was strong and robust, a Kenyan blend I was informed. Just what I needed after a trying afternoon. A young fellow named Dylan, was our server, and once again we were lucky enough to get an attentive and dedicated person to attend to us. If you ever get down here, stop by and indulge! You won't be sorry.

Albert A Rasch

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