Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nice Day To Be In The Garden

05/15/07 Tuesday
Weather: Morning: Sunny and warm. Afternoon: Partly cloudy and still warm. Evening: Clearing
0806 hrs Temp: 71.4F Humidity: 91% Barometric Pressure: 30.06
1030 hrs Temp: 87.3F Humidity: 50% Barometric Pressure: 30.15
1539 hrs Temp: 90.5F Humidity: 39% Barometric Pressure: 30.06
2108 hrs Temp: 74.3F Humidity: 59% Barometric Pressure: 30.06

Finally planted the corn! I got about three rows of twelve feet each done. I’ll do the same tomorrow and the day after, and then I’ll wait two weeks and do it again. If I keep on doing it that way, I should have fresh organic corn well into December.

Now, as I was digging out the paths, it occurred to me that turnips would do just fine planted between the corn, and while I was at it why not some marigolds too.

The okra gets planted next, just to the south of the corn. I don’t think I have to space out the planting time with okra, but I think I’ll do it just the same. I love deep fried okra and gumbo.

The garden is really coming along nicely. The first three rows are nice and straight, the tops raked smooth, and most of the grass and weeds gone. Just ten more to go. I also strung up another section of wire. So at least one side is complete.

Last but not least, we prepared a planting strip around one of the landscape trees in front of the house. Cristal planted flowers under the tree, but the tree has several low branches which obscured the flowers. Instead of cutting the tree's branches, I suggested we just move the bed further out, and when those flowers have grown, we’ll move it out again. I went to the compost pile and filled the wheelbarrow. On the way back I tossed in a couple of shovels full of sand and mixed it well. In the meantime, Cristal demarcated the bed, weeded the area well, and watered it. I came in behind and filled the area in with an inch or two of the compost/sand mix. Then it was watered again. Tomorrow Cristal will plant the seeds; I think she has Zinnias and Marigolds.

I walked all the hives again and every one of them was quite busy. Plenty of pollen still being brought in. Yesterday I was able to get an exceptionally good photo of H0607's queen. If I knew how to post it here, I would!

Albert A Rasch

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