Friday, May 11, 2007

A Commentary: Justice Needs to be Served

Sorry for the late post.

There was a tragedy here locally. A drunken SOB rear-ended an SUV and shoved it into the path of an oncoming train. In the SUV was a 29 year old mother, and her seven year old son. The mother is in intensive care, and the son...

He is dead. Burned to death in the SUV. A SEVEN YEAR OLD CHILD!

The drunks name is Eli Alvarez. The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating.

What is there to investigate? Eye witnesses at the scene of the accident categorically concur that the bastard was drunk, an inordinate number of beer cans were in the vehicle, and he had no clue what he had done.

If this isn't a hanging offense, I don't know what is.

There was a day in this Nations great past, when things of this heinous nature were dealt with summarily. A judge and jury put together and a trial held quickly.

Then a hanging. A public one.

Enough Said.
Albert A Rasch

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