Saturday, May 19, 2007

They'll Never Learn, If You Don't Teach Them

05/18/07 Friday
Weather: Morning: Scattered clouds and warm. Afternoon: Partly cloudy and very warm. Evening: Clearing
0600 hrs Temp: 67.0F Humidity: --% Barometric Pressure: --.--
1432 hrs Temp: 93.4F Humidity: 38% Barometric Pressure: 29.91
1152 hrs Temp: 70.9F Humidity: 80% Barometric Pressure: 30.00

Really tired today.
So I took a nap. First voluntary one in 40 years. Still didn’t make me feel much better though.

Anyway, we went out with our good friends tonight. We headed out to the Italian Kitchen in Riverview, and once again the food and service was spectacular. (Ask for Larry, he is a very attentive and knowledgeable waiter.) If you are ever passing by Riverview Florida make sure you stop by. The canolies are fantastic; reminds me of the ones in Little Italy back in NYC.

The conversation revolved around the state of education in the United States. What passes for education, quite frankly, is pathetic. The classics are nonexistent, basic skills are poorly taught, citizenship and American history are virtually ignored. The complete solution to this travesty escaped us. There is a definate need to raise salaries and hire to better standards. Accountability needs to be ingrained in the system. Parents too, need to be held to higher standards and held accountable.

In our home the classics have been read, American history is a subject of conversation almost daily, and both my boys can read well above their grade level. Make of that what you will.

No planting today, not enough time. Fortunately I have tomorrow off and I’ll be able to get caught up. But I did find the time to check the hives again and found them as busy as yesterday. The pollen coming in is a light yellow color.

There’s a cold front heading this way, and they are saying that there may be a frost. Unbelievable at this late date.

Albert A Rasch

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