Thursday, November 20, 2008

Japanese Trained Bladesmith - Slide Show

© By Albert A Rasch

I was perusing some of my favorite blogs when I bumped into this slide show by Murray Carter, on my buddy Todd's Blog, Primitive Point.

It is an interesting visual description of one man's mental and physical process while blade smithing.

Another link on bladesmithing is this one: Tai's Railroad Spike Knives

Tai has a great eye. Some of his pieces are whimsical, while others are brute practical. All of them are made with a great attention to detail, and they all cut like a knife should.

Unfortunately I won't be doing any smithing whatsoever until I figure out how to silence the hammer blows on the anvil! Though if I get the new garage organized I might get away with a little stock removal type of work.

Oh and by the way, someone stole my late 1800s blower. The Bear and his buddy set up an oil burning foundry, and when they switched to a vacuum cleaner blower, they set my hand cranked blower to one side, with every intention of bringing it right back. Well it grew legs and walked off. With scrap iron prices as high as they were, I'm pretty sure it got taken to a metals dealer; and I'm pretty sure I know who did it too. I'll catch up to him sooner or later...

Anyway, it gives me an excuse to finally build that bellows I've always wanted.

Albert A Rasch
The Hunt Continues...

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