Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pablo J Gonzalez : Argentine Bladesmith

© By Albert A Rasch

"Compartan mi aprendizaje del arte de hierro, que al igual que el alma, se moldea a los golpes..."

"Share in my apprenticeship in the art of iron, as it is the same as the soul, molded through strong blows..."

Pablo J Gonzalez

As I am somewhat of an amateur smith, I regularly check out the blogs and web sites of many bladesmiths. One of my favorites is Todd's Primitive Point. Todd's Blog Roll has a very good selection of both professional and amateur Bladesmiths, plus several other outdoor enthusiast's sites.

A few days ago, I bumped into Pablo Gonzalez's blog, the Apprentice Smith.

At least I'm pretty sure that is the correct translation. I could try that Babblefish thing, but I'm supposed to be fluent in Spanish. He hails from Haedo-Bsas, Argentina. Argentina is the home of the gaucho, bolas, huge hogs, red stag, and arguably some of the best bird shooting in the hemisphere.

Whenever I stop at a new Blog, I leave a note with the referring blog that brought me to them, or how I happened to bump into them. (When a new person drops by to mine, I try to leave a welcome note too.) Pablo left me such a gracious note in reply to mine, that I feel that it would be a crime not to share his blog with everyone.

If y'all don't mind, and in the name of international cooperation and friendship, drop in take a look at his work, and leave him a short note. I know that Pablo looks at many of our blogs, and is familiar with the English language.

Well, on another note, Bubby, the Mrs, and I are going bass fishing with a new local guide. Young, intelligent, personable and very handsome, he's an up and coming fishing guide.

All right, y'all got me, it's actually Bubby who's taking us. He has been diligently fishing all the local ponds and lakes, and claims to have seen bass as big as the carp he brought in a few months ago. I'll be very interested in seeing these monster bass, and you can be sure that a report will be following if they are as big as Bubby sys they are. As Sten, the highly esteemed SBW blog author would say, we will be looking at the cracks in the sidewalks, for any other adventures that we might find.

Speaking of SBW check out his latest post on survival. Where he finds this priceless stuff is a mystery to me!

Fondest Regards to All!
Albert A Rasch
The Hunt Continues...


barnislavia said...

Nice blog My friend. I really like your mission statement. Keep up the good work.



Albert A Rasch said...


Muchas gracias, y quando este por alla, le acceptare su invitacion!


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

You really are too kind
Thanks for the big-up
And thanks for getting back to posting