Sunday, March 15, 2009

The First Amendment Prevails! For a Change...

From the "I Can't Believe I'm Actually Reading This!" file:

Local anglers' shop, "The Complete Angler" won an important battle against onerous city officials.

In what can only be called a ridiculous waste of tax payer money, the city of Clearwater, Florida "...cited (the owner) for the painting, (then the) shop owner Herb Quintero covered it with a banner of the First Amendment. The city then warned him the banner violated city code."

Fortunately, "U.S. Magistrate Elizabeth Jenkins recommended that a federal judge grant the temporary injunction against the city, finding that the shop is likely to prevail in its lawsuit against the city."

At least this time the ACLU helped the good guys!

See the whole article here.

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Anonymous said...

chalk one up for the good guys.