Friday, March 20, 2009

Why I Joined the Outdoor Bloggers Summit

I support the Outdoor Bloggers Summit

"I was about to slap my partner on the shoulder, when I heard a "WOOF, WOOF, GRUNT!"

The unmistakable sound of something crashing through the palmetto, scattering undergrowth and all in its path, was heading straight for us. The guide, who was about to stick the hog, was startled and tripped over the hog on the ground in front of him, stumbling headlong into me, pocket knife coming dangerously close to neutering me. My friend, whiter than ever, was clutching the now useless rifle by the barrel, evidently intending to use it as a club in a futile last stand against the enemy.

I remembered my Ruger MKII and tried to grab it out of the cargo pocket."

Charged!!! Hog Hunting Adventures

That pretty much started my writing career, however you might define it. I always enjoyed spinning a good yarn, and writing is something that I've done on and off ever since 2nd grade at PS 89 when my article on cuttlefish got me published. My proud mother was certain that I was headed for a life as a literary giant. Though, I think she had Tolstoy in mind not Ranger Rasch the Rock Kommando and his Merry Band of Miscreants. (Mom, life's just not fair...)

I actually got into blogging through Todd Hill, my friend and knifesmith at Primitive Point. His blog really showed me that you could share ideas across the vast space of the net, and across continents.

That's how SBW, The Suburban Bushwacker, bumped into me. He was a Primitive Point fan also, and through his tutelage, advice, and friendship, I was able to grasp the complexities of the blogsphere. It was also through SBW that I found the Outdoor Bloggers Summit.


I was trying to figure out when and where I first commented on the Outdoor Bloggers Summit. All I know is that there was a world of information available to me. The folks that were already members were more than willing to share important information, camaraderie, and a laugh.

When I think of all the wonderful people I've met through the OBS, I just consider myself very fortunate.

Folks like Holly at NorcalCazadora, Phillip over at The Hog Blog, guys like Mike owner of Native Hunt, Rick at Whitetail Woods and so many others that I communicate with frequently. These are people that I now consider my friends, each and every one of them. Without the Outdoor Bloggers Summit, I would never have met all those wonderful folks.

Kristine, Empress Over all that She Surveys, has also been at the forefront of my education and the vast improvement in The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles. Her diligent efforts in bringing us together, and finding guest bloggers that know their stuff, has been instrumental in many of our efforts to improve and grow. Holly has been my mentor as much as my friend. Othmar Vohringer has always had a kind word and good advice. And Phillip, who let a perfect stranger (Me) bunk with him at the SHOT Show, and then taught me how to break into the "World of Media."

When you join the Outdoor Bloggers Summit, you don't just join another little group of like minded people. No, you join and tap into a critical mass of people passionate about their explorations of the great outdoors. You get Doug's comments on hawking at Doug's Harris' Hawk Blog. Hodgeman shares his thoughts about Alaska and other expansive subjects, where else but at Hodgeman’s Thoughts. You get smart, capable women that can hold their own at Deer Passion, Borderland Adventures: Her Perspective, and of course, NorcalCazadora.

The Blogroll is a virtual who's who of real people that write real stuff.

Everyone is welcome to join the Outdoor Bloggers Summit. All you need is an abiding respect and passion for the outdoors.

Writing ability, on the other hand, is definitely optional...

So, what are you waiting for?

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I support the Outdoor Bloggers Summit
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Albert A Rasch
The Hunt Continues...


The Envirocapitalist said...

WOW, after that I would join if I wasn't already a member.
The Envirocapitalist.

Marian Love Phillips said...

As one of the founding members Albert, that was a great post on the Outdoors Bloggers Summit. Thanks for your involement. :)

hodgeman said...

Nice post Al!

"Real people writing real stuff"

I'll take that as a compliment in an age of unreality being billed as "reality TV"...

Deer Passion said...

Great post, Albert - I'm always curious as to how and why people start blogging. And, thanks for the link! :)

Brigid said...

I added the emblem to the sidebar and wrote the editor to see if there was something else I needed to do to participate other than adding the link.

Thanks for a great resource on some wonderful outdoor blogs.

Anonymous said...

Albert, as always you are an invaluable support. Of all the things that make me proud of the OBS, the one that stands out the most is the quality of our membership and the passion they bring to supporting us. It's marvelous and very appreciated.

I like the title too. I may have to add that to my business cards.

Thanks, as always, for the support and the kind words.

Blessed said...

Great post Albert! And you are right - the OBS Blogroll is full of real people writing real stuff!

I need to get my post written...