Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Thing of Beauty; AyA Side by Side w/ Hammers

A little something from SHOT Show 2009.

A beautiful double with hammers, in 12 Gauge by AyA of Spain.
Click on picture to enlarge.


Wild Ed said...

If you get an extra one send it my way. What a thing of grace and beauty.

Anonymous said...

There is some nice craftsmanship right there. That is beautiful. I'm with Ed, I'll take one too.

Albert A Rasch said...


Funny thing happened at that booth.

The gentleman sitting their with a lovely woman turns to her and says in Spanish, "Look there," gesturing to me subtly with his chin, " a pauper looking at a prince's gun."

I love it when that happens.

You see, I speak Spanish fluently. Like a native fluently.

I put on my wide eyed and innocent look and walked over to him. I said in English, "That's a beautiful example of old world craftsmanship. The subtle lines, the exquisite engraving, surely a piece wonderful enough to merit exhibition in an art gallery."

Then without a pause I switched to Spanish, "Es uns desgracia que soy un pobre contratista, que ni tiene dos centavos para gastar. Y si los tuviera me comprava un escopeta de Connecticut Manufacturing."

Roughly translated, I said :It's a shame I'm a lowly contractor that doesn't have two cents to spend, but if I did I would by a Connecticut Shotgun Mfg company shotgun!"

I cheerfully waved goodbye as he was trying to close his mouth.


Gun Slinger said...

Nice piece of fancy equipment!

Sweet on the comeback too!

Shoot Straight,
Reviewing the Reviews

hodgeman said...


Nice job.

Beautiful gun- too bad that don't make that in stainless/sybthetic for winter ptarmigan hunting.

Just joking.

native said...

Made my day Albert to read how you "Chagrined" that fellow.

Beautiful piece of machinery, In spite of it's owner!

Gun Slinger said...

Good comeback, though I might have thought they were talking about tacos or something.

Shoot Straight,
Reviewing the Reviews