Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Importance of Training; With Average Joe


Average Joe's Handgun Review has a fantastic post on training with a handgun. The Importance of Training covers many salient points and should be a must read for all of you that are intent on using your sidearms for defense.

"It is very apparent to me that anyone who buys a handgun for self defense is doing themselves a huge disservice if they do not take advantage of the training that may be available near them." says Joe, and I fully agree with him.

Joe goes on to say and encourage everyone to spend a few bucks for advanced training. "The advantages of advanced levels of training are twofold:
1. It allows you to practice in a more realistic manner and practice skills that you cannot practice in most public ranges.
2. It allows you to discover what equipment works best for you."

It's a great read and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Again it's: The Importance of Training

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Bill and Bob's Excellent Adventure said...

There is no substitute for training, and when it comes to self-defense, there is absolutely no substitute for training. If ever a man is to use something under pressure, in the dark, and get only one chance at it, defending himself with his handgun is it. There is no time to fumble with an unfamiliar safety or scrape the magazine around looking for the well. Only a familiarity bred from practice can make that transition from relaxation to focused self-defense smooth and without delay.

It will also prevent you from shooting your couch inadvertently, as a friend of mine once did. Some people just don't need to have guns. Everyone needs practice and training.