Friday, May 8, 2009

Blogs of Note: Be a Survivor

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Be Prepared - Be a Survivor

You will notice a new Banner over there to the right.

That's Flea's "Be Prepared- Be a Survivor," a preparedness and survivalist methodologies blog. Don't let the word "survivalist" scare you. Think of it as emergency preparedness and surviving the unforeseen.

Flea covers a good bit of ground on his blog.

He has several book reviews:
That's a small sample of his reviews.

He relays a lot of frugal living techniques.
Plenty to read right there, and lots more at his site.

Flea has plenty of gear and equipment reviews, How-To's, firearm commentaries, and dozens of other very interesting and occasionally scary things.

The thing to take away from Be Prepared- Be a Survivor, is that you should be prepared, so that you can and will be a survivor. Flea has good advice, plenty of information, a substantial number of links, and he's a regular guy like you and I, just trying to make sure he's ready for any eventuality.

Albert A Rasch
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