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Churrasco and Picanha

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Brazilian Bar-B-Que
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We headed out to Desoto Fort for Father's Day. But the heat and humidity had the heat index at 110 degrees, and we just couldn't stay and get some fishing done. It was a bit of a disappointment, but it was either that or stay and broil our brains!

While we were there, I was plying the grill with the usual offerings of burgers and BBQ chicken. All very good stuff prepared by the Mrs. But a little while into my project, a large family showed up with one of those large white coolers.

Always curious as to what other revelers are bringing, I kept a sharp eye out on their selection. They pulled out a couple of large carriers from the depths of the cooler filled with red delicious looking meat!

One of three (!) grills filled with Picanha cuts

Not one to miss an opportunity to be neighborly, I put my spatula down and moseyed on over to say hello.

After introductions I asked what it was that was being cooked, not recognizing the cuts on the grill. These folks where from Chile, but the cut of meat, the " Picanha," originated in Brazil. Here in the United States, it is known as a "Rump Cover."

Cover the steaks with rock salt.

Basically, all that is done to the meat is a little seasoning according to taste. Then it is slapped on the grill and covered with rock salt. You will note in the pictures that they were using Ice Cream salt which is pretty much the same.

Flip it over after a few minutes, resalt it, and when you judge it done, pick it up, shake the salt off of it and slice into bite sized morsels.

Let me tell you, contrary to what you might think, the meat was not salty in the least. It was tender and cooked through and through. I might have preferred it medium rare, but I was an invited guest not the cook.

I'm going to go and see the butcher at Sam's and see if he can get me the cut so I can try it out. When I do, there will be plenty of pictures to show off!

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Wild Ed said...

There is an old German recipe for roast beef where you coat the whole roast in Rock salt. Then roast it in the oven. When done you take it out and crack the salt and scrape it off the roast. The salt crust holds all the juices in and make a wonderful tasting roast and no it does not taste salty.