Friday, August 7, 2009

Marlin Firearms Company Shooter Stimulus Package!

From my friends at the Marlin Firearms Company:

"Marlin Firearms Company is offering a 2009 Fall Consumer Rebate program on many of their popular rimfire and centerfire firearms, beginning August 1, 2009. This promotional campaign features cash-back savings on select Marlin 22 bolt-action rifles; Model 795TM autoloading rimfire rifles; and Model 336TM lever-action centerfire rifles with valid retail purchases from August 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009.

The 2009 Fall Marlin Promo program features significant consumer savings of up to $35 on new gun purchases that meet the following rebate eligibility requirements: All mail in or online requests for these rebates must be received by 1/15/10; rebates are limited to one entry per offer per person, address or household unless otherwise stated on individual coupons; and a valid purchase receipt dated 8/1/09 through 12/31/09 must be provided.

2009 Marlin Fall Promo:

* Model 336 Lever-Action Rifles (336W, 336A, 336C, 336SS, 336XLR) - A $35 rebate applies to select models; does not include 338 or 308 Marlin Express.

* Model 795 Autoloading Rifles - A $20 rebate applies to all models.

* 22 Bolt-Action Rifles (925R, 925RM, 917VR, 980S, 981T, 983T) - A $20 rebate applies to select models.

National advertising campaigns, co-op advertising and point-of-purchase materials will feature the 2009 Marlin Fall firearms rebate offer. Please contact your sales representative or visit the Partners section at Marlin Firearms Company for additional information on this sales incentive program."

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Anonymous said...

Anything would help with cost.

I kinda like that .22 bolt action

LSP said...

Thanks for that - how do you find the lever action? Value for money I'd think. Then again I'm tempted by the old Savage levers...


steveo_uk said...

yeah walmart are selling the 795 for $180. i want an autoloading .22 love the ruger but its a bit out of my price range at $299