Friday, August 7, 2009

TROC Blog Rodeo II

Allright Folks,
Image: Matt Cohen
Here is another installment of the TROC Blog Rodeo! As many of you know, I try to link to Blogger's articles that I find particularly interesting or remarkable. The links certainly help bloggers get noticed, and these are some of the best I've seen in the last couple or three weeks.

Chad Love of Mallard of Discontent writes a great piece on new thinking and the economics of excess in the hunting industry in Freeganomics. Chad also writes for the Field and Stream blog and often refers to our very own The Suburban Bushwacker.

Dayne Shuda makes some great points on commenting in How to Create Marketing Pull by Commenting on Other Blogs. Dayne is always spot on with his observations and commentaries. His blog, Hunting Business Marketing with DayneShuda is a great asset for all bloggers not just the ones in business.

Wild Ed my Buddy over at Wild Ed's Texas Outdoors, has some great shots of deer on Texas Backyard Deer. Wild Ed's posts are always informative and interesting.

Nebraska Hunting Outfitters and J Scott Croner offer up some great answers in a frequently asked questions post on hunting Merriam's turkey. There's a Part I and a Part II with great advise for any turkey hunter not just those pursuing Merriam's in Nebraska.

Zack at The Next Chapter covers the Ruger SP101 in 357 in his usual thorough way. I really like his posts on guns, they are in depth, with great photos and usually include some top quality holsters too.

Kenny's Great Outdoors: Summer Time Bass- How Important Is The Thermocline? is a really good post on fishing the edges of temperature gradients. It's a big deal offshore, and it's a big deal on lakes!
Image Credit: Paladin
This is a recent article by The Reluctant Paladin. In Giving Up? RP points out that no matter what you might think, giving up isn't usually the best option. Though he refers specifically to the trials of many Conservative issues, it is good advise for anyone with an overall philosophy.

Does E-Bay Really Hate Wounded Soldiers
? The gun toting, Net security Guru Bore Patch gives us a good explaination of WTF E-Bay and Pay-Pal might be up to. Me, I'm partial to explanation 2.b.

Tuesday's Tips & Techniques #49
at Whitetail Woods is a wonderful article that has nothing to do with Rick's usual outdoors and hunting fair, but it has everything to do with good Blogging!

The Suburban BushWacker continues his adventures in Italy with Part VI. Nuns, clean floors, and the seductive sounds from the soda machine make for one great tale that won't be forgotten soon.

Ok, here is one that I think is really good. I've been reading Jill Homer's blog Up in Alaska on and off for a year or two. This post Bikepacking Gear covers some of her equipment. She's a great writer, tough as nails, and comes from the same school of thought that I do: Work with what you got! Check it out!

Ok, remember to forward links to me on any posts that you think need some exposure!

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James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Thank you very kindly, Albert. You are the best.


Borepatch said...

Albert, thanks for the link. I'm with you on the 2b thing. That, or they simply don't respect my authoritah ...

Dayne Shuda said...

Thank you Albert for including the Hunting Business Marketing post.

And thanks for sharing the other posts with us. I'm going to take some time to read through them.

Paladin said...

Thanks for the bump, Albert. I appreciate it :)

Josh said...

Great stuff. I'm now a big fan of the Mallard of Discontent.

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