Thursday, August 20, 2009

SiegeWork Creations Longbow

Excellent Value for the Money! Well built and Fast!
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SiegeWorks Creations SWC American Longbow
It's here!!!

I've been waiting on this beauty for a couple of weeks. I can barely contain myself from the excitement and desire to string it and shoot a couple of arrows with it!

Friends, you will just have to be satisfied with a few pictures I took, I want to give this bow the careful and thorough consideration it deserves, and really do it justice. I also have to learn how to use the photo editing program I am using now. Just cropping these shots has taken me a bit of getting used to.

Just s few observations:

Oh golly it is light! It can't be more than a pound at most. Compared to my old Ben Pearson Flame Hunter, or the Browning Compound Cobra, it is absolutely feather light. I'll give you all the details as I review and report, but I can see this becoming an absolute favorite in no time flat.

The bowstring is completely hand made and a work of art in and of itself.

The laminations are seamless, and the finish is eggshell or satin. Either way it complements the bow very nicely.

It is apparent that Dave and Sara at SiegeWork Creations really pride themselves on creating quality bows at very, very reasonable prices.

51LBS at 28" Look out hogs

Beautiful workmanship.
The bow nocks alone are beautifully crafted.

Update: I am on assignment, and I've got a real bad connection were I am at, and I may not have a decent one until this evening. (8/21) The pics will have to wait until I get back again.


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Bob said...

Handsome bow!

lralph said...

Beautiful bow, I've been wanting to try a longbow for awhile. I might give them a try.

Larry Ralph Jr.
Hunting Reviews
Why are local archery dealers jerks?

Doug said...

Gorgeous bow! Curious - Why a longbow instead of a compound (besides them being so much nicer to look at)?

Albert A Rasch said...


I suppose it might be a bit of nostalgia, combined with the fact that I learned to shoot with a bow I made. I then graduated to a real recurve, and I always shot it bare. I only got a compound because all the cool guys had one, but it didn't shoot any better than the recurve!

I'm seriously going to get back into it, and this one is a start, my friend Dave at SWC can make bows to any reasonable weight. I would like to get up to 75 lbs which will allow me to shoot those heavy maple shafts with traditional broadheads.

Another reason is that the longbow weighs probably a quarter of what a compound does. That may or may not matter to some folks, but it sure is nice.


Paul Steeve said...

I've decided to go to traditional archery next Spring. I've had such a rough time with my compound bow this Summer, I can't wait to get to simple instinctive shooting. That is definitely a beautiful bow you have--let us know how it shoots!

Phillip said...

She's a beauty, Albert!

I'm looking forward to the pics of your first longbow hog.

Shoot it a lot (I know you will), and make it count!

Michael Spinelli said...

I went to SeigeWorks Creation's website, because I have been thinking about getting into bowhunting. I also looked at several other archery equipment and bow makers' websites, and you're right, the price difference is substantial for what looks like the same thing. What's the reason? They look pretty much the same to me, though your photos show more detail.

I'm looking forward to your reports on the American. Are you going to review any of SWC's other bows?


Albert A Rasch said...


I don't want to steal too much thunder from my coming post on the American, but the owners of SiegeWorks Creations would much rather put top quality bows in the hands of archers at a reasonable price, and have them become lifetime clients.

I think it's a great model for a business to pursue. If the quality of this one bow is indicative of all the work they do, they will make lots and lots of lifetime customers and friends.

And I have a very good feeling that we will be taking very close looks at other bows made by SiegeWorks Creations.

Bets regards,

Gun Slinger said...

Come on!

Now you're just teasing us! I for one am glad to see you working with traditional archery equipment. Compounds are cool and all that, but most of them really are machines that throw an arrow. But a long bow or recurve really are more in tune with the whole "I'm hunting with a bow" idea.

I went and looked at the SCW website also and I am impressed with their selection. I'm looking forward to seeing more of their bows in the future. They should have a gallery of their work too.
They appear to do some custom work too, I would like to see those bows, hence the gallery idea.

Like I said, looking forward to the review, and I'll be sure to link to it.

Shoot Straight,

SiegeWork Creations said...

Im sure Albert could talk us into sending on of the new "Sidewinder" Scythians to play with. Thanks for the idea on the Gallery - it is on the I.T. gus list - just have been to busy to nail him down to do it - but WONDERFUL idea. I'm very much looking forward to the review as well - not sure i have nails left!!! :P


Josh said...

Holy crap! I clicked on Siegeworks, and I'm buying a bow!

I shoot an AIM recurve right now, 55 lbs. at 28", and it pinches like a b@$$tard and stacks something awful. I made my worst and greatest shot with it, though (at the same time), and it now has a name: Versorger. However, if I can get a 45 lb. long bow at that price, I'm jumping on it.

Let me know how it shoots. Handshock? Stacking?

Albert A Rasch said...


I've done my initial review: SiegeWork Creations American Longbow

It's a long bow so finger pinch is non-existent, and this bow won't stack, not at normal draw lengths anyway.

As to hand shock, you'll have to wait until I write about the shooting!