Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend Update

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Quite Frankly, I'd Rather be Fishing!

It's a hell of a thing to have to work for a living!

Here I am stuck actually having to work, when I could be lying around doin' much of nothin'. It's a disgrace is what it is!

It really is my own fault. I should have brought a fishing rod with me.

I'm currently a few hours north of my usual haunts on Florida's West Coast. I am very close to Homosassa, and the fishing here is world renowned. As a matter of fact Homossasa is considered by many as the tarpon hot-spot of the world. I remember seeing Lefty Kreh and Mark Sosin catch giant Silver Kings while fishing the flats around Homosassa Bay. In 1993 the world record tarpon was caught on the flats.

Not only are the tarpons huge, this area of West Coast Florida is one of the prime fishing spots within the state. It is a well known area for chasing spotted sea trout, redfish, cobia, grouper (further out on the hard bottom), Spanish mackerel, sheephead, shark, black drum, jack crevelle, and bluefish. It has incredibly productive estuaries and grass flats that nurture juvenile sportfish, and plenty of forage fish.

As hot as it gets in August, there are still plenty of fish that frequent the shallows. Redfish and seatrout are regulars. Fishing after a good storm, will usually produce, as will early morning. Cut bait can be very productive, and live bait is always a good choice.

My 6'6" spinning rig should be perfect, along with my Penn International baitcaster. I may even strap the pirogue to the bed of the truck and bring it with me.

All in all it's not a bad assignment, and I do believe I can suffer through it... if I have to.

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native said...

Man I feel for ya' Albert, havin' to fish like that when you could be workin' ;-)

Wild Ed said...

You make me jealous. Like I am going to feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

You take care of yourself Albert, I wouldn't want you to burn yourself out with all that casting. LOL

LSP said...

Looking forward to some good Tarpon verse, er, pictures.



Whit Spurzon said...

"Work is only work when you'd rather be doing something else." When you're a fisherman, everything else is work... ;^)

Phillip said...

Yer breakin' my heart, Albert. No, really. Can't you hear the little pieces falling to the ground?

SiegeWorks said...

oh man - darn your luck to have to go fishing... i mean jeez!!! :P if you come over to texas i will take ya to a few areas we pull out some monster catfish. Then there is the Texas Hogs....

Have fun out there!!!


Albert A Rasch said...

Seriously guys!

I'm working!

I mean it...


... Dang it, lost another one...


SimplyOutdoors said...

I could "suffer" through any fishing trip. That definitely sounds like a plan to me.