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Hunters' Contributions Exceed 5 Billion Dollars

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As National Hunting and Shooting Day is fast approaching, I will be having many posts on the wonderful and stalwart efforts made by outdoor sportsmen on behalf of the American people. Hunter's know that they fund the majority of conservation projects throughout the United States. Most though, don't have any idea how much we pump into the system. It is critical that every sportsman is knowledgeable and conversant in these few details so that the people of America understand the great contributions all hunters and fishing enthusiasts have made on everyone's behalf.

Hunters Contribute Billions to Conservation Efforts

As an example, in one program -out of several dozen- and just in terms of money, "more than $5.2 billion has been provided to state agencies (Just State, not Federal! AAR) for wildlife conservation through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Program." That's just one program! I found the following commentary on the Citizen Newspapers website.

SOCIAL CIRCLE, Ga. (August 30, 2007) - Whenever Georgia hunters purchase hunting licenses, firearms, ammunition or archery equipment they are supporting wildlife conservation through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Program.

National Wildlife Preserves Funded by Hunters for Everyone

This is the largest and most successful conservation program in the world, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division (WRD).

Since 1939, hunters have contributed more than $109 million dollars through this program and together with hunting license fees they continue to provide the primary funding for wildlife conservation in Georgia.

Swan on Sportsmen Funded National Wildlife Preserve

Nationally, more than $5.2 billion has been provided to state agencies for wildlife conservation through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Program.

“The Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration program benefits all wildlife species, conserves and restores habitat and helps enhance wildlife conservation through research,” says WRD Assistant Chief of Game Management John Bowers. “Through this program, America’s hunters provide the most substantial source of funding for wildlife conservation and management in the United States.”

Wetlands Restoration funded by Sportsmen

The Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, also known as the Pittman-Robertson Act, was passed in 1937. Through lobbying efforts in Congress, America’s hunters created this act as a way to fund conservation and management of America’s wildlife.

Wildlife Restoration funds are accumulated from an excise tax of 12.4-percent on bows, arrows, parts and accessories; an excise tax of 10-percent on pistols and revolvers; and an 11-percent excise tax on other firearms, shells and cartridges.

Amoco Oil Spill Cleanup Funded by Hunters

This excise tax is levied at the manufacturers level, collected by the Federal government, and distributed to state wildlife agencies to fund wildlife conservation and management programs. The amount of money each state agency annually receives is determined by the number of hunting licenses the state sells and by the size of the state.

WRD uses Wildlife Restoration funds for many types of programs, including:

· restoring habitat and improving wildlife populations,

· operating more than one million acres of wildlife management areas that benefit a diversity of wildlife species and provide wildlife-related recreational opportunities,

· providing information to landowners on how to manage their property for various species,

· conducting hunter education classes, and

· building and maintaining public shooting ranges.

For more information on the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Program, visit the USFWS website at

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native said...

Hoo Ya! Albert!

Let the anti's show on paper what "They" have contributed.

Can we say "zero" dollars towards conservation, and millions to promote their own self aggrandizing agenda!

Great post, and as you always do, has sure made me think a little deeper.

Michael Spinelli said...

Another great post on the overwhelmingly positive aspects of fieldsports enthusiasts. Please keep up the stream of good information to help us keep up with and defend against anti-hunters!

Mike S

Paul Steeve said...

It is nice to see money being put back in the system by hunters. Just as Native suggested, I'm curious how much $$$ the anti-hunting organizations are contributing.