Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Constantinople or Bust!

Greetings fellow bloggers!

I'm sure everyone pretty much figured this one out, but yes, I am in Istanbul, Turkey. Unfortunately I'm at the airport and I can't, or better said won't, leave the terminal at Ataturk airport. BTW, I gave the pilot an ataboy for landing the plane in one piece after about 12 hours.

I wish I had time to explore Istanbul, but my next flight is a couple of hours away and prudence dictates staying put.

The Blue Mosque

There are several incredible mosques in Istanbul that I would have enjoyed seeing. There are about 60 all told in the city, but you can see the major ones here.

Next stop is landlocked, cold, 80% mountainous, and only 8% cultivated. I'm told it really is no fun what-so-ever... But it's not my final destination! I'll keep you all posted as I progress through my travels. Dang it, if it was only a safari...

When I get a chance I will download some pictures. Oh and I have really been 90 to nothing this last week and a half and I commented on maybe three blogs. I haven't abandoned you all, just a little occupied that's all!

Keep on blogging,


Wandering Owl said...

I was hoping safari, also!

Borepatch said...

Albert, as I said good luck and God speed.

GoGo said...

Yo Albert,
Let us know when you finally get into Dustbowlistan. And remember, don't drink the local water or sample the local cuisine. If not, you'll find yourself praying to the porcelin God!!