Monday, October 26, 2009

Where in the World is Mr Albert Now?

Hello my friends!

My posts are getting garbled up! Sorry for the confusion, but I'm about as busy as a mouse in a cheese factory.

Well, we are going to play an interesting game for the next few posts.

Where in the World is Albert!

Right now I'm on my to the Prez's home town for a quick layover before I head out to the land bridge between two continents.

It's a land where the coffee is strong, the women have curves, and an international incident is bound to find me!

Oh, and for those of us in the know, Triple A wood comes from there often.

I'll send pictures first chance I get.

As always, best regards to everyone!

1 comment:

Wolfy said...

A nice piece of Turkish walnut would do a body good now, wouldn't it?