Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Keeping the Wildlife Wild!

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Keeping them Safe!
Charlie's on the Job!

One of Charlie's responsibilities is keeping the local wildlife on its toes.

All too often, well meaning but uninformed visitors, and much to our dismay,  locals that should know better, forget that our more dangerous wildlife should be left wild. They need to be wary of humans and their domesticated companions, otherwise they suffer the consequences, rather than the people who precipitated the problem.

Alligators in particular seem to get it the worse. All winter long, the Snowbirds throw them treats, and their peas sized brains get accustomed to it. And that's where the problems start.  Gators are nice and cute when they're little, but they look and get threatening as they get bigger. As soon as someone wails, "I'm scared of that alligator!" It's a death sentence for the gator.

So, Charlie and I don't let any gator forget that people and dogs are dangerous. We chase them into the water every time we see them. Don't worry, they have plenty of time to sun and warm up when we're not around. But if they are near pedestrian pathways, we remind them that there are better places to be!

I'm watchin' you...
Albert A Rasch
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Bob said...

"Charlie's on the job" is a great photo, Albert. Well done!

Anonymous said...

At least I don't have to worry about gators around here.

NorCal Cazadora said...

Nice! Probably drives the snowbirds nuts when you do that, but I hope it makes them think a bit.

Bion said...

Funny, Albert! But that little gator's momma is right out there looking at that dog Charlie like he was was drawn and quartered tenderloin...

If you want to keep that dog on a leash, you might save his life, but when a gator gets him, keep a good hold, 'cause you're gonna be water skiing barefooted!

Dogs are like cream of caviar to a gator, once they drown them, stash them under an underwater ledge, and come back next month to have a tenderized bite!