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Saturday Blog Rodeo 03/20/10

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Saturday Blog Rodeo 03/20/10
Well folks,

Once again, I have traveled the far reaches of Al Gore's internet, searching far and wide for things that will educate, elucidate, and prognosticate for us! There was lots of great stuff to read out there this week, with several home runs, plus a couple of new blogs I bumped into that I would like to share with everyone.

(Remember if you bump into a post you especially like, drop me a note and I'll include it in the Rodeo. You can even feel free to copy this whole post and run it on your own blog; it spreads the word, and it's always nice to give a little link love to your fellow bloggers!)

Image Credit Henhouse Pottery
This week we will start off with Miss Julia at Henhouse Pottery. She and her family have adopted a simpler life, or to quote her, "Join us as we make simple living unnecessarily complicated!" Miss Julia covers some of the complexities in The Realities of This Life. Which reminds us all, that even the best laid plans oft go awry! But there are lessons, very important lessons to be learned in the everyday decisions to be made. "It is one of the moral conundrums that we face as a family providing their own food. In my opinion, much of what is wrong in America now has to do with the fact that most families no longer face these same types of issues that we struggle with as we labor to raise the animals we will eat." Great post Miss Julia!

Cork Graham of Cork's Outdoors wrote a strong editorial guest post over at my friend T Michael Riddle's blog Native Hunt Blog. The Truth About Bear Hunting. He brings up several good points on biology management vrs political management. I really like it that he calls Treadwell's shenanigans just as I have. I say Treadwell's a loon that got exactly what he deserved!

While I'm on Cork, let's not forget that he has a great blog too! Cork's Outdoors Blog has some great stuff in it that I certainly appreciate. From fishing tips and adventures to aging pheasant. I enjoy his tactical posts, Cork has, shall we say, some experience in the field.

Ok, Mea Culpa, I missed this last month. I believe I was flying over the Balkans at the time.  Anyway my favorite Cazadora, Holly Heyser of Norcal Cazadora, got an e-mail from an instructor at the Command and General Staff College with a brilliant idea. NorCal Cazadora: A soldier and hunter's brilliant idea is so appropriate and worthwhile an idea, that I would like to see it move forward.  I don't want to spill the beans, so go over and read it if you missed it!

Ben G Outdoors follows up on last week's Goals Post with some neat new logos for his site!  I am partial to number three (#3)! I think it looks really professional, and whether it has some similarities to someone else's logo, I didn't catch it. Stop by and give him your opinion.

If you are into making stuff for yourself, I highly recommend Stormdrane's Blog! I've mentioned his blog before, and I always find new ways to use paracord and he has all sorts of tutorials and links to other knot work. Check this one out: Paracord Grip Wrap for a Boot Knife Not a bad little trick for a smooth handled blade.

I mentioned Jackson Landers' blog, The Locavore Hunter last week, and I have had the pleasure of perusing his archives. Habits of a Successful Locavore Hunter is a well thought out and practical set of habits or philosophy that I think may be of interest to many that enjoy hunting, but seem to have lost a bit of that zest for it due to time constraints, social and family pressures, or schedules. By the way, "Locavore" means: A term for those who prefer to eat locally grown/produced food. That includes hunting, fishing, and foraging too.

Then there's Tovar's blog, People. Animals. Nature.  I've written a couple of posts on why I hunt or why I own firearms, and I always enjoy when others do the same. I like it because it not only gives me insight on how they define hunting, but sometimes illuminates my interests too. "When I was a vegetarian, I had no clue why modern people hunted." Tovar tells us.  Now that he is a hunter, he ponders some of his own reasons in his post The Why of the Hunt.

Home on the Range is one of my favorite blogs on the net. Brigid is eloquent and a skilled craftsman with the English language. That and she puts together some pretty sound instructionals for folks to learn from. And I don't mean her recipe posts either! Take for instance, Corrosive Cleanup. Brigid knows that a squeaky clean bore is a happy bore, and lets us know how it should be done. If you shoot milsurp ammo, you really should read this one too.

Hippo on the Lawn has another awe inspiring tale from the Dark Continent. If you haven't hit his blog ever, you really should! Read Bureaucracy, it is the bane of all civilized go getters! Hippo's been there for well over 16 years, how's that for brazen brass ones!

Down in Brazil, Joao the bladesmith of Voss Cutelaria Artesanal took a piece of PVC pipe and using a heat gun, molded it into a liner for a sheath. He doesn't have access to Kydex, and made it happen with PVC! Great idea... Wish I had thought of it! Liner em PVC

On a very sad note, fellow blogger Armed Citizen has lost his brother to the war in Afghanistan. My condolences to Armed Citizen and his family.

Albert A Rasch
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Tovar Cerulli said...

Hey Albert, thanks for the mention and for introducing us to each other's blogs every week. It's always good to find new folks here.

Zach J said...

It's more than impressive that you can maintain such a diverse and detailed following of other's blogs while putting so much work into your own. Kudos

Albert A Rasch said...

Always a pleasure to point out the good stuff out there!

Best regards,