Monday, March 22, 2010

Blogs of Note: Habits of the Old School Man

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I found a great weekly blog called Old School Man. To quote the author, it is "UPDATED EVERY DAMN MONDAY," and has some of the best eye-opening wake ups and smack-downs I have read in a long time.

"The idea of a Man has changed from a straight-up bourbon drinking guy in a fedora to a guy wearing a tight-ass t-shirt drinking a vanilla-peach vodka cocktail mixed with Pepsi. The eight cylinder V8 Mustang has been replaced by Prius, and the 45. automatic replaced by an iPod."

I'm glad I drink Bourbon, all my shirts are baggy now, and pack a Gov't 45! All I need is a V8 and I am all set!

Well worth a quick direct click: Habits of the Old School Men Part I:

"These old school men would never wear low-rise jeans, drink decaf coffee, drive a compact car or talk about their “feelings”."

And Part II:

“'Going to the Grocery Store' is grabbing a gun, hopping in his truck and shooting something on four legs..."

I throughly enjoyed his posts and if you look at it as commentary on today's society, it's not only entertaining, but illuminating!

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Wild Ed said...

I will keep the baggy shirts and .45 thank you very much.
Wild Ed's Texas Outdoors

The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Great find and thanks for sharing. I am still laughing . . . AND wallowing in the fact that compared to Clint Eastwood and some of the "old school men" I am kinda a pansy.