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Saturday Blog Rodeo 03/27/10

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Saturday Blog Rodeo 03/27/10

Golly! Another week come and gone. How does Al Gore find the time to keep all this stuff floating around his Internet?

Anyway, once again I bring to you the posts and commentaries that I found most entertaining and informative! And none of it has anything to do with Lady GaGa or wardrobe malfunctions!

The Rabid Outdoorsman starts us off this week with a post on outdoor cooking. Some baked beans, ribs, chicken legs, and bannock bread on the outdoor grill while RO and his family enjoyed the relatively warm 65 deg weather up North! "With many raised eyebrows, I rolled out long (18 inch) hotdog sized allotments of dough and wrapped them around hearty green sticks. These were then slathered lightly with butter as they cooked. The end product was a golden browned yeasty roll of bread that proved heavenly when eaten plain or drenched in bean juice."

I've mentioned João Voss several times on the Rodeo, and with good reason. He is an exceptional smith, and always has some great pictures on his blog Voss Cutelaria Artesanal I'm just going to list a couple of posts of his. First is a camp knife that just rocks! And a post with some awesome pics of a smith at work making Damascus.

Lately I have bumped into several urban foragers like Locavore Hunter.  Today let me introduce you to LC of Fat of the Land. Gobo Mojo starts off like this: "Got a tip on a burdock patch in Seattle the other day..." Now I don't know about you, but it all sounded somewhat mysterious, if not nefarious! But seriously LC's all about weed. Ummm, the kind you yank out of gardens not the other, ummm, California medicinal one. Anyway, you will find all sorts of recipes and tips for foraging on Fat of the Land!

Since I have now experienced being an overseas contractor, I have lots to write about it from my albeit, limited perspective. There's the good stuff: Pay is usually pretty good, and you tend to get three squares a day; and the not so good: You might get shot, blown up, or mangled. I'll be posting my thoughts on it here at TROC, but for the most part, stuff that is related to contracting and war fighting will appear over at The Range Reviews: Tactical which is where it rightfully belongs. What You Need to Bring Overseas as a Contractor covers some of the odds and ends that you might want to consider bringing if you decide to get a job in Afghanistan. There are helpful hints and tips, plus my usual insight an such matters.

Mr Hank, over at Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, is busy with his usual delicious and fascinating gastronomique creations. Farro Pasta alla Chitarra... Man, someone tell me why I don't live near Hank and Holly. Need help with that new stone retaining wall? I'm your man. Double digging the potato patch? Just call me. Windows on the second floor need to be caulked? Got the gun and the caulk! Hank makes the pasta, and then makes all the fixins that go with it. You got to take a look. Oh and by the way, the site has a whole new look, and the photos are awesome! And he has been nominated again for the Beard Award! Way to go! (PS: Rumors that he puts duck in his ice cream are exagerated. He uses the eggs...)

Ben G Outdoors has a great interview with Scott LaCoe of Ghillie Suit Source. Scott says,"After some more research and an "aha" moment it was obvious to me that I could really enjoy the Ghillie Suit business." I think Ben has done a bang up job and scored a great and very informative interview, so stop by and let him know you apreciate the hard work he has put into his website and blogging! And Ben, which logo won?

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