Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Hotter Than You Can Imagine!

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Hello my faithful friends!

Well I'm in Kuwait transporting an individual who will ultimately go to the United States. (If he's lucky!) I'll be here for a couple of days, and luckily they have internet that actually works regularly, unlike Bagram where it is so oversubscribed that it crawls like sea cucumber in the Arctic Sea.

But that's not why I'm touching base with you, the big news is how freaking hot it is here!

Can you believe 115 deg in the shade? How about 130 out in the open! The breeze makes it feel like a convection oven, and I kid you not, while I walk, the sun hurts on the palms of your hand. And it's not like I walk with my palms up or out or whatever. No, I'm talking normal, fingers slightly curled, swinging the arms, normal!

Click on the picture for a bigger view!
Poor little sparrows looking for some shade and water!

Under all the A/C units, the condensate makes little pools that last for a few hours in the morning, and disappear as the heat builds up. Seriously, the water evaporates before it hits the ground. The birds also spend quite a bit of time under the buildings, in the shade.

So far I haven't bumped into any of the cool desert denizens, like the scorpions and vipers, but there is still a chance if I look hard enough. My luck I'll find a land mine via the Braille method. Not conducive to good health!

Speaking of land mines, I've made friends with some Mine Clearing Specialists from Mozambique. These guys are the cat's meow in mine clearing. They can enter a mine field, spot a twenty-five year old mine by the way vegetation is or isn't growing, or by the way the soil lies, or by some voodoo witch doctor magik, and then tell you if it is double stacked, (Real nasty Soviet trick,) and whether it will rain later. Anyhow, I'm going to tag along and see if I can learn something, it should be a blast!

On another note, the boys in uniform have been whipping the daylights out of the Talibannanas regardless of whatever the damn papers and news say. Yes it is going to take some time, they are crafty, wicked, and cruel, but we have the better people, the greater minds, the high moral ground, and by Thor's Hammer-

I'm here!

I really miss the lot of you, and wish you were here so I wouldn't feel like I'm hogging all the dust and grime. If anyone wants any, I'll be happy to send you all some.

Remember your friends and loved ones that are here.  Send them a letter, a small parcel of their favorite goodies, and your prayers and love!

Best Regards,
Albert Rasch
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The Hunt Continues...

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The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Learning mine clearance!! Let's hope it's NOT a blast.
Albert be careful

SimplyOutdoors said...

Keep on keeping on, Albert. All of is state-side wish you, and every serviceman and woman over there, and anywhere in the world, the best of luck. looks and sounds damn hot.

Paladin said...

Keeping you in my thoughts, Albert. And the next time I bitch about the Texas Heat I'll try not to do it so loudly ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, I hope all is well with you and you'll be home soon. Do your best to find a cool place to be and at least stay in the shade if there is any.

Whitetail Woods
Sharing the Outdoors, One Piece at a Time

Murphyfish said...

Take it easy out there my good man.

CDGardens said...

Thanks for the update.

I want to thank all of our troops over there for making it safer for us here in the States.

Stay safe...

Albert A Rasch said...

Thanks for all the good wishes my friends!

As I frequently say, I am safer here than if I was bicycling in Sarasota Florida! And don't forget, Alcohol related accidents take far more lives in a year than the war does in a decade. (13000 lives plus in 2008!)

Here is the url for those stats BTW:

Good stuff when arguing gun rights too!

Anyway, I'll be able to touch base with you all for at least a couple more days.

Stay safe, be vigilant!