Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Note to All my Friends

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Hello everyone!

My sojourn to Ali al Salem, Kuwait will soon come to an end, so that means access to the Internet will be a thing of the past! Bummer...

I want to thank everyone who got in touch with me while I was here, in particular my stalwart friends: The Suburban Bushwacker,  Rick at Whitetail Woods, my favorite bowyer, Dave at Siegework Creations, and Snow Goose/ Merriams/Whitetail Deer guide Scott Cronner at Nebraska Hunting Outfitters.

Dave tells me that he spent thirteen weeks traveling the fair circuit with his wife. The number of orders they took in exceeded their expectations, and he has a backlog that has thrown him back several weeks! Since all of his bows are hand-made, there is no way to rush them; hide glue only dries so fast and hand cutting a bow can't be rushed. He is working extra hours to fulfil all of his orders, and I guarantee that you will be pleased by what you get for your money, even if you had to wait a little longer than expected to get your impatient hands on one of his fine custom bows!

Scott says that he absolutely has had one of the best seasons yet hunting Merriams Turkey! I don't know the numbers off the top of my head, but he had 100% success on every clients first bird, and if I remember correctly, 100% again on their second. That is phenomenal! He would have done better he said, if folks didn't have to leave; several of his clients came in for single day hunts between business appointments. With over 1800 pounds of turkey harvested it has been his beat season yet, and the conditions have been favorable for the same to happen again next year. So book early!

I'm having a pretty good time here. As you might imagine, there are long stretches of boredom punctuated by a little bit of excitement which we are not permit to participate in. The brass kind of reminds me of those puritanical ministers that were always worried that someone, somewhere was having a good time. That damned Monk...

But I am taking advantage of the off time by reading, writing, and studying. I manage to extend my knowledge base by being in places I don't belong and offering to help. I throw in the occasional 550 cord project and make bracelets for the kids, and I did fill in a pothole with stones one day...

There are lots of people to meet from every corner of the United States, and plenty more from seemingly everywhere else. Most of those are lined up at the US funded feeding trough... Anyway, I make it a point to talk to as many people as I can. You learn quite a bit by just listening to them. These fine young people are doing a remarkable job, even though they are hampered by foolish feel good rules that actually put them in danger. This is the first war we have ever fought, where political considerations trump the lives of our soldiers...

Heavy lifting!

Personally, I'll be glad to be back in Florida casting a line in the Gulf, or tracking hog spoor in the scrub and woods!

Until then, I will leave you all with my usual admonitions:
Stay safe,
Stay vigilant,
Stay American!

Best regards,

PS: Just food for thought. In China they would likely behead the CEO of BP.

Just saying...

Albert A Rasch
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Paladin said...

That's an awesome picture... such a serious look on her face. If you had "goosed" her right when the picture was taken it would have been classic.

Of course, it may have been your last action on this earth.. :) But it still would have been funny!

Albert A Rasch said...


More than likely it might very well have been! She was very nice and a good sport to allow me to get a picture, most of the folks here are like that

Thanks again!