Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Range Reviews: Desert Locust PDQ

You know that I find the glasses and goggles made by Revision Eyewear are the cat's meow. Personally I wear their Desert Locusts and my favorite, the Bullet Ant. Bubby wears the Sawfly and Hellfly, while Jordan has a set of Sawfly shooting glasses.

Revision Eyewear's Desert Locust PDQ Release is a new goggle strapping system designed by Special Forces type operators who need and demanded a system that allows eye protection to be quickly taken off and on in an instant.

Revision has developed a patented system that allows for single-handed removal and reattachment of the Desert Locust Goggle while keeping the eyewear convenient and ready to deploy. The Desert Locust PDQ does not interfere with any other helmet mounted gear. Where conventional straps might interfere with night vision goggles, lights, or other equipment, Revision's system doesn't.

Combat tested and proven in rapidly changing environments, Revision's Desert Locust PDQ Release system includes elastic halo, 2 side straps with end clips for $36.99 and available online.

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